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starting creo 2.0 with batch file for loading configs


starting creo 2.0 with batch file for loading configs

Iusually make the loadpoint at c:\ptc\creo2.0, (no space) the batch file won't copy over from a network drive like wildfire, the text folder where the configs are readis now in Common Files/M030/text, there is a spacebetween Common Files so it won't copy past this point, take the space out and it won't even launch creo

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Are you putting quotes around the parts with spaces in the name?

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What version of Windows are you running? I believe this is something that new versions of Windows blocks. Did you try to run your batch file as administrator (right click and choose "run as administrator")? I am told that works, but haven't had the best luck with it.

I made a work around to load my,, and drawing dtl settings from a network location by creating a mapkey that loads the files. One click when the program first loads.
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Combining the 2 other replies...

Use " "s around the path with spaces in it. Windows will then parse the space properly.
Create a mapkey and run it automatically at started up of Creo to copy and set your config files.

I run my and *.dtl files directly from the network, no file copies to the local computer. One file gets edited and the change is there the next time my users login with no worries of the files getting mangles in network traffic. I have Pro/E loaded on a shared network drive, no local copies so the configs are still in <loadpoint>\text.

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Ben H. Loosli
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