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Hi there,


I'm looking about any informations about creo_js_app.conf file.



This file is needed by new CreoJS webserver to define some variables like port number or jscript files directory.

But don't find any information on the documentation given with Creo Parametric

Where this file must be located ?
Which kinds of variable could be set within this file ?

With which syntax ?


Thank's for your help,





Hmm.... If you remain stuck - you might take a closer look at CREOSON - it requires JLINK and is up and running in a few clicks. 


There is a highly optimized JS library for CREOSON distributed with the download - not 100% coverage for all PTC's APIs - but more than enough for most applications/purposes..



From creojsug.pdf

Manually configure Creo to specify the desired Web server port by editing the
creo_js_app.conf file located in your working directory.


About content, I think, need to try some thing like this:

port 8888


other variables what you need.


This is very interesting. If not secret, how you want to use connection to Creo.JS Web server?



Hi Pearl,


I just need to make some tests with CreoJS server.

Today, I use php server to access localy on data like csv or xml files stored in local file system and use the content in Weblink scripts.

So, when I read the news about CreoJS on Creo 7, I try some 'things' to test CreoJS Server and debug console with Chrome.


Thank's for your advices.


I will test them asap.



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