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ye ole boundin box and coordinates


ye ole boundin box and coordinates

Info-Model Size does such a wonderful job calculating the bounding box of a 3D model. It reports the length in X,Y, and Z as well as the length of the diagonal. Too bad we have to keep a drafting board nearby just to write down the X,Y, Z and Diagonal with our drafting pencils, cause Pro/E just displays these results in the message window, and then the data is gone.

Does anyone know a way to calculate the bounding box and store the results in Pro/E parameters? We don't have toolkit, so that's not an option for us. Can a UDA be defined to capture these calculations, if so how?

We need some way for the this data to be automatically captured in the model during regeneration.


Andrew Amsden
CAD\PDM Administrator
Midmark Corporation

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Andrew Amsden,

You bring up a very important point here. I am SURE that there are some
advanced users who know exactly how to dump the mass properties into a

Michael P. Locascio

We are using Wildfire 3.0


I have almost sure you will not be able to extract those values to create integer parameters, however, using ModelCHECK, OVERALL_SIZE check will display the ‘length x height x width’ of the model. The ‘length x height x width’ can be called out in a parameter, however it is called out as a string parameter in the form ‘length x height x width’.

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You can use Modelcheck to output model size as a part or assembly parameter. The configurationwill look something like this:


The parameter is created as a string with x, y, and z dimensions on one line.

model_size (string): ####.## x ####.## x ####.##

If you'd like, you can breakit into three parameters using relations. The relations would look like this:

mod_size_x = extract(model_size,1,7)
mod_size_y = extract(model_size,11,7)
mod_size_z = extract(model_size,21,7)


it can be done with J-link by using the GetGeomOutline() method. J-link
comes with every seat of Pro/ENGINEER. You can set parameter values from
J-Link to persist the information in the model.

A J-link application can be setup as a Model Program that start whenever
the model is retrieved into session and stops when it is erased from
session. By defining this on you start models every new design will have
the functionality.
For all your existing data you can add the application to your
Pro/ENGINEER menu as well.

More info about setting this up can be found in the J-Link APIWizard found
under <install_dir>\ProENGINEER\jlink\jlinkdoc\index.html.


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04-08-2009 14:13
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[proecad] - RE: ye ole boundin box and coordinates

We are using Wildfire 3.0