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Trailmaker 0.3


Trailmaker 0.3

Trailmaker is now a collection of small utilities:

1 - Trailmaker

A script to build customized trailfiles, to process files in batch mode.

Here some ideas that you can make this script work for you:

Export multiple parts to Step/Iges

Import multiple Iges/Steps to Prt´s

Export multiple Drawings to DXF/DWG/PDF

Export/verify all instances of a family table

Bring multiple parts/drawings into session

Plot a lot of drawings

Run a mapkey

Change/add/delete Parameters

Modify Units/Mass Properties

Create Jpeg´s of multiple parts

Mix all this together...

Lots of possibilities.

Video Link : 5303

2 - Assembler

Script to assemble components (by default) in a assembly in batch mode;

3 - FT-Drawing

Script to create drawings for each instance of a family table;

Video Link : 5305

4 - New_Drw

Script to create a new drawing with same name of the active model;

4 - Open_Drw

Script to open a existing drawing with same name of the active model;

Download link:

Open Readme.txt for more instructions.




Re: Trailmaker 0.3


Finally I got some free time and managed to run your script. The problem was in that we use "p" mapkey for printing drawings, so that was the reason for loop, because p was ommited and "trail" portion was run again.

Thank you!

Re: Trailmaker 0.3

Humm.. conflicting mapkeys.

One character mapkeys are dangerous because of that.

Nice to know that it´s working for you too.

Re: Trailmaker 0.3

Jose, this looks interesting....!

Can you please share how did you make this utility?



Re: Trailmaker 0.3

It is working!!!!

BUT, is it possible to add an option to select a FOLDER where PDF/DWG/STEP files will be placed?

Re: Trailmaker 0.3

Not sure of what you want to know.

Creo creates trailfiles that record everything you do inside of creo. You can use them for recovery purposes in case of crash. But you can also use the code to control Creo.

For example, opening a file appears something like this in trail file:

~ Command `ProCmdModelOpen`

~ Update `file_open` `Inputname` `prt1.prt`

~ Activate `file_open` `Open`

So, if you replace "prt1.prt" with other partnames you will be able open multiple parts with one trailfile.

So, basicly, what do we need to create a custom file:

  • A list of files
  • A file with code from trails to execute inside of it
  • A tool to join this info into a single text file.

The list of files, I was too lazy to built a interface, so I capture the list from Creo fileopendialog. This was the easiest way for me, you can pre-filter by type (Prt, Drw,Asm, instances...), and then it opens the prefiltered list in notepad, where you can choose one by one. This list is saved in file_list.txt.

The code to execute inside of the files, you can create your own from trailfiles. I created some just for example, but everyone has different needs, so the best is to customize them. They are inside of C:\TrailMaker\trails.

Now I have a list of files and a file with code to run inside of each one. I can create a file mannualy with copy/paste but that´s gonna take a while.

So I create a script in Autoit that creates file run_trail.txa, and:

Writes header

Writes file open prt1

Writes trail code

Writes file open prt2

Writes trail code

Writes file open prt3

Writes trail code

..... until last file

Then all is needed is to run trailfile run_trail.txa.

You can create your customized trails and change the header, so I believe this is a interesting tool that can be used in all versions of Creo and Pro-e.

I hope I has been clear.


Re: Trailmaker 0.3

That option will be available in the paid version .

Now seriously, you just have to edit the trail.

Example, file prt2step.txt

!Export Step Files

~ Command `ProCmdModelSaveAs`

~ Update `file_saveas` `opt_EMBED_BROWSER_TB_SAB_LAYOUT` `C:\\Export\\Steps`

~ Activate `file_saveas` `opt_EMBED_BROWSER_TB_SAB_LAYOUT`

~ Select `file_saveas` `type_option` 1 `db_539`

~ Activate `file_saveas` `OK`

~ Activate `intf_export` `solids` 1

~ Activate `intf_export` `OkPushBtn`

Adding the two bold lines will define the destination directory. Just correct the path to yours.

Repeat for the other trails

Re: Trailmaker 0.3

Great job Jose !!!

I'm realy impressed.

But one question because I've faced with this issue some time ago, and I got stuck.

What in case, where a combined view is placed on drawing?? Question comes from one of my customer. He creates sheetmetal parts. As you know smt parts have two states (bended/unbended). It will be greate to create drw with two sheets, where first sheet shows bended part, and second unbended (used for export to dxf). Unbended state is created by simplify representation, an on drawing combined view is shown -that contains REP. Problem is, that in Creo there is impossible to replace model in drawing, if one of representation is used.

Case: smt part with family table inside, and drw created form generic with two states/sheets. Then, with some magic button for all instances documentation is created.

Do you have any idea how to solved it?




Re: Trailmaker 0.3

Don´t have sheetmetal, but if I have time, i´ll try to recreate with standard part.

Re: Trailmaker 0.3

Perhaps you can post an example?