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Building a jdbc package to connect a new persistence provider

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Since the marketplace extension is no longer supported and the drivers may be outdated, you may build your own jdbc package/extension:

  • Download the Extension Metadata file Here
  • Download the appropriate JDBC driver
  • Build the extension structure by creating the directory lib/common
  • Place the JAR file in this directory location:
    • lib/common/<JDBC driver jar file>
  • Modify the name attribute of the ExtensionPackage entity in the metadata.xml file as needed
  • Point the file attribute of the FileResource entity to the name of the JDBC JAR file
  • The metadata also contains a ThingTemplate
  • the name is set to MySqlServer, but can be modified as needed
  • Select the lib folder and metadata.xml file and send to a zip archive
    • Tip: The name of the zip archive should match the name given in the name attribute of the ExtensionPackage entity in the metadata.xml file
  • Import the newly created extension as usual
  • To the JDBC extension, simply create a new thing and assign it the new ThingTemplate that was imported with the JDBC extension

Configuration Field Explanation:

  • JDBC Driver Class Name
    • Depends on the driver being used
    • Refer to documentation
  • JDBC Connection String
    • ​Defines the information needed to establish a connection with the database
    • Connection string examples can be found in the ThingWorx Help Center
  • ConnectionValidationString
    • ​A simple query that will work regardless of table names to be executed to verify return values from the database


Alternatively, you may download the jdbc connector creator from the marketplace here

Then you may just view the mashup and use it to package your jdbc jar into an extension (which can be later imported into ThingWorx).


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