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Get Started with ThingWorx for IoT - Video Guide

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Explore the ThingWorx Foundation IoT application-building platform in a convenient video format.



Guide Concept


This project will introduce you to the principles of ThingWorx Foundation by creating a working web application, guided by a convenient video.


Following the steps in this guide, you will create the building blocks of your first application for the Internet of Things (IoT). You will use ThingWorx Composer to create Thing Templates, which are then used to create Things that model the application domain. A simulator is imported to generate time-series data that is saved to a Value Stream.


After modeling the application in ThingWorx Composer, you'll use Mashup Builder to create the web application Graphical User Interface (GUI).


You'll learn how to


  • Create a Thing Shape, Thing Template, and Thing
  • Store data in a Value Stream
  • Download and install a data simulator
  • Create an application UI


 NOTE:  The estimated time to complete this guide is 30 minutes



Step 1: Video


Click the link below to enjoy the video.


Get Started with ThingWorx for IoT




Step 2: Next Steps


Congratulations! You've successfully completed the Get Started with ThingWorx for IoT Video Guide, and learned how to:


  • Use Composer to create a Thing based on Thing Shapes and Thing Templates
  • Store Property change history in a Value Stream
  • Define application logic using custom defined Services and Subscriptions
  • Create an application UI with Mashup Builder
  • Display data from connected devices
  • Test a sample application


Learn More


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Additional Resources


If you have questions, issues, or need additional information, refer to:


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