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Git Backup Extension 2.0 Now Available!

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Question: What is the best way to use Git with ThingWorx?

Disclaimer: Please note that, while the ThingWorx Git Backup Extension is a very useful tool, it is not a PTC product, nor is it supported by PTC.


After the release of ThingWorx 8.4 two weeks ago, are you looking for even more? Can’t get enough of ThingWorx? Good thing—because we’ve got you covered.


We have just released Version 2.0 of the ThingWorx Git Backup Extension! Reach out if you'd like to learn how to obtain access to it. 


In the newest version, you’ll find:

  • Major UX improvements and UI restyling.
    • The extension now includes a new page called GitBackup.Main.Mashup, which offers access to all the functionality previously available in the Home Mashup (see below). GitBackup.Main.Mashup is now the single interface for all the GitBackupThings in the system; you’ll no longer need to go to Composer to manage them individually.imageNew ThingWorx Git Backup Extension 2.0
  • Support for querying and selecting the Bitbucket repositories that you, as a user, have access to.
  • An updated ExtensionExportExtension with bugfixes.


If you’re looking for guidance on how to configure Git with ThingWorx, check out one of my earlier posts that explains how you can use Git to achieve continuous integration with ThingWorx or view the updated Git Backup Extension User Guide attached (see the “Attachments” section to the right).


Shoutouts to Vladimir, Gabriel, Bogdan, Moritz and Pierre for making this available.


Let me know what you think of Version 2.0 in the comments below!


The open-source Git Backup Extension can be found here


Stay connected,



When I imported the extension, the import was successful however the NewTab Entity is missing from the import.

Therefore making this extension unusable.

Same problem here ....

the thing "NewTab" is missing in the extension

Hey guys,


Sorry about this issue. This is a known extension bug manifesting only in ThingWorx 8.4. We're working to fix this asap. As a workaround please use the previous version, 1.3.1.

Note: the Extension was tested in 8.3.3 and 8.2.3. Anything minor in those versions should work fine.


The issue should be solved. Please test and let us know if the issue is solved (restart the server after extension import). 

You can download the fix by searching for the 2.0.1 version of the Git Backup Extension in the PTC Marketplace.



I tried to go the the download link, but I got a 404! Is it taken down? 

It worked for me when accessing it, but meanwhile, can you try this link?!overview

Thanks! The original link is still down, maybe it is a problem in the USA or something. 

Thanks @k_ibrahem  for bringing this up and @VladimirRosu  for  your help. I have updated the link in the post. 

Why are only FileRepositories, and not SourceControlRepositories supported by the extension? I thougth that seperate SourceControlRepositories are more secure since FileRepositories are also exposed to the web with download links ? Wouldn't it be good to make it possible for this extension to use SourceControlRepositories as well ?

The SourceControlRepositories are not a subset of the FileRepositories, and as such, they miss some of the OOTB services (create directory etc) that are used in the extension.

You're right that the FileRepositories have services that output the service link, but those are not available if you use a proper security setup. Adding to this, the FileRepository won't be even visible as an entity if your user does not have visibility rights to it. 



None of the links in the post or replies are working. Could you please share a working link?



The extension is temporarily hosted in GitHub, at this link:

Disclaimer: this extension is community-based and open-source. It is not supported or maintained by PTC. Please use as-is and report any issues you might have in the Issues section of that GitHub repository.

Hi Vladimir,

Sorry - fixed!


Latest Version 3.0.1 User Guide Link as below


You can Download for extension from below Link

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