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Smart Parking and Traffic Solution

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This project is developed out of curiosity of how ThingWorx communicates with sensors and vice versa. Immediately a Smart Parking system idea struck to our mind and I started working on it. While heading from home to office I always worry about car parking space in office especially in rainy season. This project will help user in getting parking space.

This project has 4 sections as follows,

1) Smart Parking system:

A system application developed in ThingWorx guides user to find empty car parking space. Sensors placed at each car parking slot senses the presence of car. A program running on Raspberry Pi board collects sensor information and sends that information to the Smart Car Parking System application in ThingWorx. The data received through sensor is displayed on ThingWorx dashboard/mashup.



2) Live Traffic:

This inherits a Google Map and shows the traffic around user's current location.


3) Traffic Blog:

If user is visiting a place and have questions regarding parking, traffic condition etc., then user can post their questions here and people around that area can answer it. Questions are not restricted for parking related questions but like best places to visit in areas, restaurant, shops etc.


4) Automobile Wiki:

This page provides an documented help regarding anything related to automobile e.g. how to change car tyres?, how to change car wipers? etc.



Is there any way to see to application?

Is there any access to code base (not entirely)?

To create a parking System and What are the list of things and properties need to be created.

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