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ThingWorx 8.0 Available for Download

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Key Functional Highlights

ThingWorx 8.0 covers the following areas of the product portfolio:  ThingWorx Analytics, ThingWorx Utilities and ThingWorx Foundation which includes Core, Connection Server and Edge capabilities.

Highlights of the release include:

ThingWorx Foundation

  • Native Industrial Connectivity: Enhancements to ThingWorx allow users to seamlessly map data from ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity to the ThingModel. With over 150 protocols supporting thousands of devices, ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity allows users to connect, monitor, and manage diverse automation devices from ThingWorx. With this new capability, users can quickly integrate industrial operations data in IoT solutions for smart, connected operations.
  • Native AWS IoT and Azure IoT Cloud Support: ThingWorx 8 now has deeper, native integration with AWS IoT and Azure IoT Hub clouds so you can gain cost efficiencies and standardize on the device cloud provider of your choice.  This support strengthens the connection between leading cloud providers and ThingWorx.
  • Next Generation Composer: Re-imagined Composer using modern browser concepts to improve developer efficiency including enhanced functionality, updated user interface and optimized workflows.
  • Product Installers:  New, Docker-based product installers for Foundation and Analytics make it easy and fast for customers to get the core platform and analytics server running.
  • Single Sign On (SSO): Provides the ability to login once and access all PTC apps and enterprise systems.
  • License Management: Simple, automated, licensing system for collection, storage, reporting, management and auditing of licensing entitlements.
  • Integration Connectors: Integration Connectors allow Thingworx developers and administrators quick and easy access to the data stored on external ERP, PLM, Manufacturing and other systems to quickly develop applications providing improved Contextualization and Analysis. Thingworx 8.0 delivers ‘OData’ and ‘SAP OData’ connectors plus the ability to connect to generic web services to supplement the ‘Swagger’ and ‘Windchill Swagger’ Connectors released in Thingworx 7.4. An improved mapping tool allows Business Administrators to quickly and easily transform retrieved data into a standard Thingworx format for easy consumption. Includes single sign on support for improved user experience.

ThingWorx Analytics

  • Native Anomaly Detection: ThingWorx 8 features more tightly integrated analytics capabilities, including the ability to configure anomaly alerts on properties directly from the ThingWorx Composer. ThingWatcher technology is utilized to increase machine monitoring capabilities by automatically learning normal behavior, continuously monitoring data streams and raising alerts when abnormal conditions are identified.

ThingWorx Utilities

  • Software Content Management (SCM) – Auto Retry: Provides the ability to automatically retry delivery of patches to devices if interrupted.  This ensures the ability to successfully update devices. 

ThingWorx Trial Edition

ThingWorx Trial Edition will be available to internal PTC resources at launch and will be made available externally on the Developer Portal shortly after launch.

  • Developer Enablement: Enhancements have been made to the Trial Edition installation tool, providing a native installation process of the ThingWorx platform including:
    • ThingWorx Foundation
    • ThingWorx Utilities
    • ThingWorx Analytics
    • ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity


Additional information


The following items are available for download from the PTC Software Download site.

You can also read this post in the Developer Community from Jeremy Little about the technical changes in ThingWorx 8.0.


Do we have new composer out yet? I saw new composer in Release notes but when I installed it is same old composer overall.

You will have to turn on preferences. Go to Administrator Icon ( Top Right corner) in Composer-> Select Preferences -> Select Checkbox Turn on New Composer Features.

Once done you will see New Composer option. Click it to explore new composer !!


Thanks for prompt response. Appreciate it!!

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