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Cons and Pros of programming Integrex IV


Cons and Pros of programming Integrex IV

Hi folks.

Is anybody programming Integrex IV with pro / nc?

Are you able to program all options with pro nc?

I know a lot of the capability is going to come from the post, but what are
the pros and cons of programming a machine like this with pro nc and
utilizing the options of the machine?

Is there any documentation on programming in this type of environment?

Any recommendations on getting a post processor or having one built?

Thanks for any input.

Enjoy your day!


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What machine options are you looking to utilize? I have worked with several
Pro/NC users that are programming these type of machine successfully. The
post is definitely a very important part of this.

Fred Nemecek
Austin N.C., Inc.
512/458-1112 x119


I would like to be able to take full advantage of the machine, pinch
turning, 5axis simultaneous, simultaneous work zones. Moving parts from one
spindle to the other, Bar feeder also probing. Machine uses one program for
upper head and another for lower so tying that together on the programming
side and post side I'm sure there are some challenges. Then there is the
question how long to have post built? How much tweaking should I expect
after it's built? Use a guy onsite or offsite to develop post?


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