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Creo 3 Volume Rough Problems


Creo 3 Volume Rough Problems

Is anyone else all of a sudden having problems with using volume rough in Creo 3.0 M010? I'm doing things the same way I always have and for some reason its giving me fits. If I use a Mill Volume it won't create a toolpath. If I use a Mill Window it will but then when I go to do a Local Milling (Previous Step) it wont create a toolpath. It's nothing that I haven't done before so I'm not sure what is happening.

I got a Roughing toolpath to work how I liked it but then trying to do a Re-Rough it gives me slices I don't want and I can't find a way to remove them. It's actually cutting surfaces that are above my Mill Window.

Thanks in advance.

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this place has been quiet for a while. I haven't had too much trouble with the roughing. I have been using my templates with no problem. when i do create a new sequence without a template I see a lot of new parameters for retracts and stuff but I have no idea how they work yet. I have to get some time to play with them or find some tutorial on what they do. As usual they don't give much information on the new added features or parameters. You have to find out how they work on your own.

I think what has happened in Creo 3.0 is there are now 2 volume roughing sequences. The classic volume (old) which is menu manager based, and the new updated volume with the modern user interface. The classic volume is shut off by default and only shows up when you bring up an old files created using the "classic volume milling" sequence, Using templates is using the "old" volume milling sequence.

I think it may take a few more releases to get the new volume sequence operating properly. This same thing happend a few years back when the profile sequence was modernized.

The problem with the Mill Volum may be the volume itself. I created a basic volume and with the same parameters it worked fine. I used a Gather for my volume and it looks correct but it must not like something. I know its not the tool or the parameters because it works with a Mill Window. The only problem with that is the Local Milling doesn't work like it should. It must be something on the part itself. The part was converted from a .stp file and a native file is out of the question. I'll have to keep digging.

This is the geometry I am trying to machine. Basically everything inside the red sketch down to the floor where the pins start. (With as little toolpaths as possible - HOT job)


I finally got it. I am using roughing and re roughing. It would have been sooner but it takes about 5 minutes everytime I change a parameter to regen the toolpath. I used min. step depth to trick it into not cutting certain slices (would be nice to have remove slice option like the old toolpaths).

And one more rant before the weekend.....

The only problem with re-roughing is you can't order regions like you used to be able to with local milling. And even the new order regions is wayyyyy slower (almost impossible for some of my parts) than it used to be when you could just select the regions in the order that you wanted. I know I've said this before but I wish there was an option to sort regions by shortest path like drilling. Of course there would be a parent to child relationship in some places where certain shelves are above others so they have to be cut first. But it would still save a ton of my time and a ton of cycle time.

this is what the re-roughing looks like.... lots of rapids



Nice looking part!! material must be aluminum. I agree with your frustration with the toolpath caculation time. I have done the rough rerough routines with small tight tolerance electrodes you can fit in your hand that will take 15 minutes to calculate the tool path for. I like the shortest path idea. manually sorting regions with order regions is a pain especially on big parts like yours..



I would say sorting regions has become a pain with Creo 3. With the "old" volume rough on creo 2 we could sort regions by picking on screen. It's not possible anymore with Creo 3.

I've talked about it with Paulo Martins from support, he told me they changed because the old way was not stable !! I don't understand, I've never had problems with sorting regions this way with Creo 2 !!


Thanks! You are correct with the material... 6061-T651 It's a tuff market with these parts, that why I get so frustrated with the ordering of regions and now the re-roughing adding extra slices that I can't remove. 1 extra slice across 500+ regions is a lot of unnecessary time.

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