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EMX bom automation


EMX bom automation

We have to do the following things in the BOM:

1. In the note parameter we put the hardness and in the material parameter we put the material name. We have a standard value for hardness and the material name for each part.

For ex: For the core pin in moulds we use BH11 material with hardness RC 52-54. 

Is there any way in which i can put these values for different parts at the back end and somehow use it in the BOM automatically. Doing it manually is very time consuming.


2. What is the the use of emx_comp.rel? I tried to use this file for putting the material and notes in the BOM but was not successfull.


3, For the category parameter we have a drop down list of 4 items. We assign these values to the parts as per our company standards. Is it possible to automate by making some changes at the back end?


4. For the partforming elements(i.e core, cavity, cavity insert, side core, core insert) , we need to change the names manually in the [v]PARTNAME column of the BOM according to our company standards. Can this be automated?





Hello sparulekar,


Many question for one post, but I will try to givbe you some feedback



You can use the emx_comp.rel file to add relations to each components which is created with EMX.

A solution would be to fill the NOTE parameter depeding on the MATERIAL parameter.


NOTE = "RC 52-54"

You can also use the emx_comp_post_regen.rel file to add values to the post regeration area of the relation.

Relations added with emx_comp.rel are visible in the component dialog box.

See the attached image 1.png


You can download this PDF and see the relations chapter as reference



You can open the EMX Options and switch to the Part Names tab.

You can setup rules for at leaset the core and the cavity components.


You can also follow us on YouTube.

I regularly post videos about ne features and tutorials about EMX there.

Kind Regards
Thomas Schneyer
B&W Software GmbH
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