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EXT : Creo is NOT Creo/Elements Pro


EXT : Creo is NOT Creo/Elements Pro

From license file
#PROE_FAPAAX 2 Creo Advanced XE with AAX (formerly Pro/
Creo 1.0 Flt Lic perm
#PROE_FoundationAdv 2 Creo Parametric (formerly Foundation XE)
Creo 1.0 Flt Lic perm

Maybe it's the XE that makes a difference.

On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 10:08 AM, Steve Cooke (C & S)
<-> wrote:
> Michael
> Was there an upgrade cost?
> I have asked this specific question and this was the answer from my VAR
> (Only one in South Africa so I don't have much choice!)
> Quoting:
> "To answer the second part. on upgrades:
> We can upgrade from Creo Foundation to Creo Parametric, it sells for R20,000
> (based on USD of R 😎 and requires that your maintenance be up to date on
> the package before we can upgrade it."
> End quote
> In spite of the above he also is quick to explain that there is no such
> thing as Creo Foundation to buy as a new user. But any functionality missing
> from your ProEngineer foundation license will be missing in Creo if you move
> on to Creo without paying the upgrade fee detailed above.
> Examples of this would be the Design Animation module and Surface which are
> now included in Creo. It is not in my foundation license because we bought
> in at Version 19. I have not paid maintenance since WF2, but even if I had
> the additional functionality in Creo Parametric would still not be available
> unless I upgrade.
> Depending on when you bought your foundation licenses you might not even
> notice any loss of functionality.
> The issue of legacy as PTC re-bundles things is a sore point for me. When
> we bought, I was forced to buy Pro/WEDM and Pro/Turn in the Pro/NC MFG
> bundle even though I knew I would never use either of them. I pleaded
> unsuccessfully to buy NC/Mill stand alone. Later on NC/Mill was sold stand
> alone, with additional features we did not have access to and this after
> years of me paying maintenance (at the higher cost) for software I have
> never touched. When I moaned I was told to buy a new seat of NC Mill and
> abandon my NC/MFG license, then I could enjoy the benefits of the additional
> features!! IT was at that point that I stopped paying maintenance!! Leaves
> a bitter taste and played a part in recently abandoning the NC Mfg License
> and buying a machining package from a different supplier.
> Their reasoning is apparently that the additional functionality has an R&D
> cost and I should have to pay my share of that if I want the additional
> functionality. There was no suitable answer given when I asked what portion
> of my maintenance paid faithfully over many years went towards their R&D,
> nor why I had paid a higher price for a less effective product than was now
> being offered at a lower price! This is not a good example of how to reward
> your loyal customers. (Note that having not paid maintenance since WF2, I no
> longer count myself as a loyal customer!)
> This upgrade cost to Creo Parametric is simply more of the same strategy but
> surely a better way to develop loyal customers would be to offer maintenance
> paying customers what ever is in the new package when they re-bundle the
> software to match what ever they have to do to compete in the current
> market.
> Regards
> Steve
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23-Emerald IV

Our Wildfire 5 licenses (PROE_FAPAAX) run Creo 1.0 just fine. (We are on maintenance). We do not have the full Manikin functionality or the Flexible Modeling Extension. In order to get these new features, we will have to convert our existing licenses to the new Creo Engineer licenses. Since the licenses we currently use are a bundle of Foundation Advantage, Advanced Assembly, and Windchill, the new licenses we would get would be the Creo Engineer II ones. To upgrade a license from PRO_FAPAAX to Creo Engineer II is $1,495 (US) (again, we're on maintenance - we can already run Creo 1.0). Because the list price of the new license is more than the list price of the old license, annual maintenance would go up as well (from $2,695/yr. to $2,895/yr.). We don't intend to upgrade all of our licenses, just a couple so a few key people can use the Flexible Modeling Extension.

Here are a couple of pictures that show what I'm talking about. This first one compares the difference between upgrading from one license to another vs. buying the Flexible Modeling Extension outright.


This next picture shows what features are included in each of the new Creo Engineer licenses.


I have no idea what PTC charges to upgrade an old license to a new license for a customer who is not currently on maintenance. It would probably be cheaper to wait until they run another special to get people back on maintenance (where they only charge you the normal annual maintenance charge instead of charging you the full purchase price of the software).

Tom Uminn
Systems Administrator
trans-matic Mfg.

21-Topaz II

PTC will only charge you 1 year of back maintenance. It had been 9
months, but it was recently changed. I don't think there's any way to
renew without paying that, but don't pay more than a year.

We dropped our maintenance at the end of '08 and renewed in mid '11.
After 2.5 of no maintenance, we paid 1 year back, so we saved about a
year and a half of maintenance costs.

Additionally, since we were off maintenance, we had more negotiating
power and were able to reduce the functionality of 7 of our 8 seats,
eliminating functionality that we didn't use. Our overall maintenance
bill went down $9K, almost 30%. We had tried to negotiate this deal in
'08, but no one was willing to work with us. Once off maintenance,
suddenly folks got a lot more flexible.

I agree, PTCs value for the maintenance dollar is marginal. We make
little use of tech support; the main thing we get from maintenance is
new builds and versions. We were able to stay off for so long because
our clients are typically slow to upgrade (most are still on WF4, some
on WF5, only 1 going to Creo 1.0 this quarter). With PTC's move to
annual releases each March, that may accelerate and we may not have an
opportunity to drop maintenance again long enough to make it worthwhile.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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