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Eliminating X,Y in G02/G03


Eliminating X,Y in G02/G03

We recently purchased a Haas VF-2 that will not run on the same post as our older Haas machines. It does not like redundant moves or having a X or Y move within a G02/G03 line that also has an I,J move. The machine will get "Alarm 982- zero angle move" with our current post.

I do not see a way to eliminate the xy moves in circular motions anywhere in the NC Post Processor. I can manually edit the post to remove all x,y moves in any line that contains an I,J move and the machine runs fine. If anyone knows a way to edit this in the advanced section or something I should check or uncheck it would be greatly appreciated. We are running Wildfire 2.0

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What are your setting on this screen?

New Picture (2).bmp

The settings are the same for me except I have unchecked "IJK output when zero".

Sorry I just don't know enough about the post processor settings. Hopefully somebody else on here can help

This is caused by start and end point not coinciding and aligned with IJK. Set end point to the value of start point for a full circle move, or change end point to increase the angle.
have you tried changing correction method?

End Point Correction -- Used for handling the last point in a circular motion record if it falls outside of the true arc of the circle. Many toolpath generating systems use an iterative method for producing the toolpath for circular tool motion. In such cases, a record is passed to the postprocessor indicating the following motion records are to be used for machining a radius or circle. If the tolerance band is sufficiently large, it is possible that the last calculated point is outside the calculated arc of the radius or circle. (Intcom 1879)

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Hi Modelmaker,

Have you checked what the Identical Points Handling setting is in the OFG under Motion->General. Mine is set to "Do not output the repeat point". This may eliminate your problem.

Also, there's a check box in Motion->Circular called "XYZ Modal". Pick the check box and see if this resolves the problem.

Jay Crook

Norse Dairy Systems

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