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?Pro-NC, 5X OD drill, Mill-Turn, XZC, No Y.

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?Pro-NC, 5X OD drill, Mill-Turn, XZC, No Y.


I am drilling the OD of a cylinder. I have a Daewoo Puma Mill-Turn, Fanuc 16T. It is an X,Z,C type setup. My workcell is setup correctly, we've been using this for 7 yrs. The tool axis for these holes is PARLEL X. We are currently using G-post utilizing merged posts, PARLEL X(UNCX01.F02), PARLEL Z(UNCLX01.F12), and a regular turning post(UNCL01.F02). My question:

Pro-e is outputting a RAPID, GOTO/, a CYCLE/DRILL, GOTO/ again and then a CYCLE/OFF for the 1st hole in the ACL file. The susequent holes are output as RAPID, GOTO/, RAPID/, GOTO/, CYCLE/DRILL, GOTO/, CYCLE/OFF. Seems to be an extra RAPID/ and GOTO/ for holes 2-8. I currently have 8 holes programmed. The extra RAPID/ and GOTO/ cause the Retract Cyclinder dimensions to be re-output. This may be causing my issue.?

I've been in the OFG, can't find any settings to change this output. I tried changing the setting on the "Identical Points handling" page under "Motion" -> "General". This did not change ouput. I've been to the parameters page of the machining sequence. The only setting I find is CYCLE_OUTPUT that might influence the output. The 2 options are BY_HOLE or BY_HOLESET. I've tried both, no difference. I even changed the SCAN_TYPE to different setting, no difference either.

I don't know if there's an additional setting in the Plabel file that the under "Advanced" in the OFG that I don't know about. It's manageable, I just edit the NC code, but I don't want to do this. Any ideas or knowledge would be gratefully appreciated.

Do I need to handle all this in the FIL file, search ahead in the ACL file for each additional CYCLE/DRILL and get the endpts and output them? Seems extremely unnecessary.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Jay Crook

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I know it's too late.. but I only saw this today...

Wel, nothing wrong with OFG... the problem lies on PTC side...

This is a known problem of Pro/NC... lots of redundant cycles when working in MULTAX mode....

Only one solution for now: FIL

or move on to another CAM system...

PTC won't improve this... they don't care very much about what we think about their CAM....


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Hi Dan,

This reply is late also. I quit checking for replies a while ago. I had a tremendous amount of people viewing the question but no responses(must all have the same issue).

Thank you for validating what I suspected. I've worked on this outside of FIL and had the consultant work on it who created our posts' originally. There was never a good solution. I don't know if the problem has been corrected past WF3.0. We haven't migrated and probably won't any time soon, we've had some changes to our business.

Also, I've read your responses to other posts on this website. You are extremely knowledgeable about N/C Complete. Thanks for taking a quick moment to review my problem and offer a solution.

I'll give the "read ahead" solution a try. The problem I have is that the guy who wrote our posts' created a binary file of many of the macros he uses and I have no way to look into those and see what's going on. I've had to comment out some of his calls and try to re-invent the wheel. He's very knowledgeable but wasn't interested in giving me all the source code, very frustrating.

I also checked the PTC website where they have FIL examples and solutions loaded but there weren't any for 5X XZC drilling.

Thanks again and eat ice cream novelty snacks,

Jay Crook.

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