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Enable Simscape Multibody Link Creo-Pro/E Plug-In


Enable Simscape Multibody Link Creo-Pro/E Plug-In

I want to enable the Simscape Multibody Link Creo-Pro/E Plug-In to transfer my 3D modell to simscape. I followed the steps at this link:

and then this steps:

I generated a new .pro and a new .dat file.


name Simscape Multibody Link

startup dll

exec_file matlabroot\bin\win64\cl_proe2sm.dll

text_dir matlabroot\toolbox\physmod\smlink\cad_systems\proe\text

unicode_encoding false                                                                                                    'got the message without this line too'



When i start creo parametric as admin i get this message(my translation):

Creo Toolkit starting mistake

Creo Toolkit registry file C:\Temp\Creo\myprotk.dat:

application 'Simscape Multibody Link'couldn't be started; you can find details in the trail file.


after that i get a second message:

failed to start application 'Simscape Multibody Link'


Text of the trail file:

!trail file version No. 1600

!Creo  TM 2.0  (c) 2016 by PTC Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

!Exit Logger data:

!              Process ID: 3328

!              Application: Creo_Parametric

!              Start date&time: 2016/09/13  17:38:11

!              language: german

!              machine type: x86e_win64

!              datecode: M110

!              Server: NONE

!              Workspace: NONE

!              traceback file: C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 2.0\Parametric\bin\traceback.log

!end Exit Logger data.

< 0 0.848593 1220 0 0 716 1366 0 0 768 13

!mem_use INCREASE Blocks 455047, AppSize 51258409, SysSize 61240360

< 0 0.634074 1004 0 0 535 1366 0 0 768 13

< 0 0.634074 904 0 0 535 1366 0 0 768 13

!%CIWillkommen bei Creo Parametric Academic Edition 2.0.

! Message Dialog: Warning

!               : Creo Toolkit Registrierungsdatei C:\Temp\Creo\myprotk.dat:

!               :  Anwendung 'Simscape Multibody Link' konnte nicht gestartet werden; Details finden Sie in der Traildatei.

< 0 0.630519 904 0 0 532 1366 0 0 768 13

~ FocusIn `UI Message Dialog` `ok`

~ Move `UI Message Dialog` `UI Message Dialog` 2 10.112125 10.732725

~ Activate `UI Message Dialog` `ok`

! Message Dialog: Warning

!               : Starten von Applikation 'Simscape Multibody Link' fehlgeschlagen.

~ Activate `UI Message Dialog` `UI Message Dialog`

~ FocusIn `UI Message Dialog` `ok`

~ Activate `UI Message Dialog` `UI Message Dialog`

~ Activate `UI Message Dialog` `ok`

~ Minimize `main_dlg_cur` `main_dlg_cur`


Matlab version: R2016a

Creo Parametric 2.0

I hope you can help me.

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Good day Stefan,

Rather than a document, it should be posted as a question within the Creo – this will get the most eyes on it.

Please open a new discussion within Creo and post your question there.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance.



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