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Enhancement Request?


Enhancement Request?

We are having issues creating the following toolpaths with Pro/E. Please note that this is currently possible in MasterCAM.

The goal is to rough the following mill surface with a ball nose end mill in a helical type of motion - keeping a constant helical depth change all the way down:

Here is the mill surface:

When using Cut Line machining with a helical motion the toolpath looks like this. As you can see the helical motion between the spherical and conical part of the mill surface is not a constant plunging depth. This type of tool motion would be fine for finishing the surfaces but we are helical cutting into solid material:

I did create geometry that the tool follows to create the following sequence. This is possible but took a while to create a number of features to accomplish this:

We would like to ask PTC to enhance the Cut Line Helical milling output to provide a constant helical plunging motion down the entire mill surface.

Has anyone else made a request from PTC to change this?

Best regards,
Michael Braaten

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To whom it may concern:

Development is working on the issue… See the picture attached, that shows a test result done with a special xtop (only internal).


Daniel Santos - CAM Support

GE Vetco Gray - Jandira - A GE Oil&Gas Business


Good news for cutline machining....

From Creo Elements/Pro (WF5.0) M070 you can use the options :

Inner-cutline and Steep_stepover for extra slices on steped holes

cutline_z_slices yes

Steep_Stepover - Drive the stepover at the selected inner cutlines...

Best regards,


I know we discussed this before and the solution was posted here, but I'd like to share some screenshots from Creo/Elements Pro M070 with Mike's problem solved:

The picture above is no longer from another CAD/CAM system... 😉

Thanks PTC and customers who reported this issue...

Best regards,


Good Afternoon.

I have a 65mb ncl file. Vericut starts playback but a little ways into the
verification at the beginning of a new tool vericut exits with no warning
messages. I am running WF5 M070 on a dell T5500, 3.33 xeon, 6gb memory,
Quadro FX 4800 using Nvidia driver 266.45, win 7 pro 64 bit.

Has anybody seen this before? Any suggestions on resolving?




Vericut had this problem in Rev. 7.0.0.

You need to upgrade to a newer version to fix this problem, we had the
same issue.

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