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How to get started with gpost


How to get started with gpost

how to install CIMPRO and FIL in creo how to get started with gpost ? clearly define me what is cimpro and fil??

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Thank you for your response.Can you give me the link of student version users in this community? or just tell the way to find them in this community.

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Welcome to the forum!

CIMPRO is the GUI for GPost from AustinNC, containing an Option File Generator and Debugger.

A version of GPost (without the debugger I believe) can be installed when installing Creo Parametric. It is licensed with the Pro/MANUFACTURING licenses of Creo.

The Option File Generator is used to set up the generalized Postprocessor for your needs. It contains a lot of default options to generate the output as desired. In addition, one of the advanced functions it offers is customizing the output by a programming language named FIL (Factury Interface Language).

The programming is mainly intercepting CL commands and doing non-default actions for them, e.g. modify the output line as desired. It requires some time to learn how to properly use it.



Thank you for your reply sir, Now I am trying to learn basics about CIM FIL and option file generator, please help me to create a option file using option file generator.......

I want to know one more thing that I found java file of CIMpro and FIL does it require a license to install or is there any cracked version??

GPOST (including the FIL functionality) can be installed from the Creo Parametric CD.

If you have any Creo Manufacturing license, you can launch the option File Generator of GPOST under Application from a manufacturing model.

You can also obtain a full GPOST license from AustinNC, which runs without Creo.

If you have neither, you better purchase one and do not ask for cracked licenses in the forum.

Good day Subramania - Gunter is correct: it is best to purchase a license and please do not ask for cracked licenses within this Community.



Sorry for asking cracked version and this will not happen anymore, How much a student version license costs???? Forgive me for asking such rubbish things guys.....

Information on student versions (including prices and features) can be found in the PTC Web Store, here:

A feature list tells me, it contains CAM Light and an internal short description about CAM Light says it supports 21/2 axis milling and contains a Generic GPOST (Fanuc).

Hence, I have my doubts that the Option File Generator (including FIL) will be available (after all PTC has to pay royalties for GPOST).

Can anyone with a student version confirm/disconfirm or make a quick test by creating a manufacturing and changing to Application > NC Post Processor?

If the Option File Generator comes up, then this is what Shanmuga Narayanan will need and the Academic license (as it is called) should be an option.

If you only need the postprocessor, then AustinNC may offer student licenses as well (just a guess, you will have to ask them)

Thank you for your response.Can you give me the link of student version users in this community? or just tell the way to find them in this community.

please give me your Facebook ID I want to be your friend........

The user information saved for the forum does not contain the licenses used.

Even if we had this information for every user, I doubt we were permitted/willing to give it out to others (at least in some contries of the world there are strict regulations about any kind of personal data).

So you already did, what seems to be the most reasonable thing:

Ask for users with student versions to contact you

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