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Output all Operations


Output all Operations

Is there a way to output all Operations of a given Manufacturing file without manually selecting each one?


A macro / hotkey perhaps?  Seems to me that it would be useful to have something like this.  When you have 3 operations that take 10 minutes each to output, it should only take 1/2 hour to output them.  In reality, you need to be at the screen when each operation completes its output (so you can immediately start the next output) in order for it to take 1/2 hour.  It could take 45 minutes (or longer) if you get up each time and occupy yourself with other tasks while the machine does its output process.








There is the job manager which will allow you to Queue up jobs for post processing on remote machines or locally I believe? you could research that in the help files and see if that is something that might do what you are asking for.

I think there are config options that have to be set to use it.

I read a bit about that and I don't think it is really what I'm looking for.


Here is how I would like to see things:


1.) Select "save a cl file"

2.) Select "operation"

3.) at the point that all available operations are shown to select from, wouldn't it make sense to be able to "select all" operations for output?

4.) Then I can walk away, go for an office mail run, lunch or etc.

5.) Get back to the computer, and post all the cl files that were output when I was on the other tasks.  Posting takes very little time in comparison to outputing.

I posted this as an idea this morning.

Article CS32685  will add more information in comments from Steve. 

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