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PTC Eplan integration


PTC Eplan integration

In my company we are trying to make an integration between
electrical/electronic and mechanical modelling.
We use Pro Engineer for part and assembly modelling and we use Eplan
(P8 electric version) as electric/electronic CAD.

To achieve a good integration between these two software we found
that we have to use an XML file containing all the information about
wires, connectors and connections.
The XML created by Eplan is quite different compared with the one
imported by Pro Engineer, that's why the integration seem to be difficult.

We should be able to convert all the information contained in the
Eplan XML in the Pro Engineer format and we don't know how to do it.
Probably a post processor (customized software) could permit us to
make the conversion. This software should read the Eplan XML and
knowing the rules and formatting needed for Pro Engineer, could give
a new XML file PTC compatible.

Did anyone tried to solve this specific integration problem?
Any advice and suggestion?

Thanks in advance for your help.


I have tried to post for an Eplan / Pro/E integration as well (on the Routed Systems Topic), I never received any comments on it. Please post any summaries, thanks



Although it's too late for answer to this post, jusy to say that elecworks (ECAD application like the yours) can  communicate bidirectionally and in real time with PTC CREO 3.0 and 4.0

more info at


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