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Post Processor for Easel / Inventables Carvey CNC 3A milling machine


Post Processor for Easel / Inventables Carvey CNC 3A milling machine


Not sure if I've posted in the correct place so my apologies if wrong

I've just purchased a little desktop CARVEY 3A CNC machine from Inventables which I intend to use for manufacturing 2 operation prototype plastic parts in the corner of our design studio. I use Creo 2 prismatic machining and I'm looking for a PP that outputs G Code in a format that Inventables Easel software can read in/import. Can anyone help me here?

Thanks in advance,



Machine info here: Carvey®

Easel G Code info here: Inventables | Easel G-code Spec

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Taking a cursory look at the spec for the G-Code for this thing, seems like the simplest of Fanuc controller post processors should work. Probably one of the ones provided with the NC-Machining module (or whatever they call it now) should work. You just have to make sure you always set the ARC output parameter(s) to POINTS ONLY.

Have you tried any of the post processors included by default?

Hi Kenneth,

I completely agree that it requires the simplest of outputs - and because of this, this is where i expect problems as i presume that the default PTC PPs will output a lot of additional G code which Easel (the controller software) won't read in and cause program to fail.

I've not used G-Post editor within NC machining module before and suspect that i'll need to edit the post and turn a number of features off? Is the editor easy to use?

In answer to your question - no not yet. The machine arrived today so i've been setting up today only



You might end up having to get or write the "uncx01.f[xx]" (where "[xx] = 01, 02, etc.). code to handle the different possible outputs. Which, in this case, is likely more a matter of intercepting and ignoring a lot of the stuff that a typical .ncl file has in it. Probably not too hard, my approach would be something like:

(1) Have Creo output a simple program, typical for what you expect to need.

(2) Examine the .ncl file that is written, and see which outputs you need and which need to be ignored (tool specifications and the like).
(3) Adjust the post processor to eliminate the stuff that will cause your machine to reject the program.

It might not be too bad.

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