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Pro/NC vs Pro/ToolMaker vs Cimatron


Pro/NC vs Pro/ToolMaker vs Cimatron

Hello all,

Can anyone provide any info, case studies, comparisons etc of Pro/NC vs.
Pro/ToolMaker vs. Cimatron.

Our company is currently investigating switching from Pro/NC to Cimatron
for electrode manufacturing and so far it looks as though Cimatron is
the superior tool but we are now looking to compare it to PTC's newest
manufacturing package, Pro/Toolmaker.

I have just started to mess around with Toolmaker and so far I like it
better than Pro/NC but am not sure if it is as good as Cimatron.

My goal would be to stay within the PTC software suite if the
performance gap is minimal in order to better leverage our current
volume purchasing prices, cross-trainability, discounted maintenance

Thank you


Paul Mailloux

Cad/Cam Applications Engineer

NyproMold Inc

144 Pleasant Street

Clinton MA 01510

Phone: (978) 368 - 4598

Fax: (978) 365 - 4548
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