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Proe 2001


Proe 2001

We used to have Proe 2001 on our Workstations We still have the License but that versions need WIndowsXP my question is to you is there any way we can open our old files Drawing files in particular with some other software? I was told we could use PTC Express Desktop but could not get an Activation Key for that. Any help I would appreciate. Or any other way of transferring the drawing files to DXF.

Thank You

Jesse Hairston

Hammill Manufacturing Company

360 Tomahawk

Maumee Ohio 43537


(419)720-3600 Fax

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I am almost sure that you can run ProE 2001 in Windows 7. I guess that you need to know some tricks, but it is possible.

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák


CrossManager can do that :

It can convert ProE 2D files to DXF.

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