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Question regarding Product & Project Interaction and sharing.


Question regarding Product & Project Interaction and sharing.

We've only really used Project for sharing a copies of files with end consumers. For example the manufacturing shops.

We are now looking at using it for a more collaborative process.

We have two classes of users.

A. Those that have access and modification permissions to files in the Product

B. Those that only have access to a Project

User A will share files to a Project from a Product. That user B will use to develop other files. Typically they would not have modification ability to the files shared from the Product.
When these additional files are done and we want to manage them in the Product, they get Sent to PDM.

Now the question come up when user B wants to make a change to that object how to we give them permissions to do that without giving them permissions to the Product.

David Haigh
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Thanks to Ron Grabau & Jered Larsen.

Here's the deal.
In a Project when you check out a file, anyone with permissions in the project can modify it. So it's more like checking it out to a group.
Unlike a Product, where when you check out a file, It's checked out to a specific user.

This is the key.
Files checked out to the project take on the access controls of the project, regardless of the access controls in the Product.

There is a separate iteration history in the Project.
When it gets checked back into the Product it creates a single iteration.

Checking out and Sending to PDMLink require someone with the proper access to the Product.

David Haigh
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