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Reorganizing a mfg tree


Reorganizing a mfg tree

I work with a lot of manufacturing files that were created years ago with several different versions of ProE as it evolved to Creo. I find a lot of these older mfg files have a disorganized trees. Of course the operation is always higher in the tree than any of the sequences, but the sequences are in the tree all over the place after that. Without reorganizing, process manager doesn't work.

So, a lot of times I try to staighten it out the way I think it should be. Rather than read through all the bracketed operations in the sequence names to find out where they belong, I often select the operation and then hit delete. This highlights everything that belongs to the operation. Then I cancel out of the delete process and re-organize. When all is done, Process Manager can be used.

Anybody else have thoughts/ideas on this?

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I know I occasionally run across an old file with sequnces out of order and in the wrong operations so Process manager will not open. I generally do as you say delete to see what goes where and reorganizewhen possible.

It also depends on the size of the mfg file. If there arent many sequences and if it was for an old machine we no longer have I will sometimes just delete the whole thing and start over because of the newer machine and programming is just easier.

I am sure your programs are much larger and complex than mine that are non production type stuff where I cqan keep everything as simple as possible.


Thanks Steve, at least I know I'm not the only one using the delete to sort things out. It would be nice if the sequences of an active operation would automatically show themselves somehow. For a lot of projects, there is certainly a fine line between preserving the past (pre-WF) and recreating from scratch (Creo), others it is more obvious which way to go.

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i haven't found any eaiser way t do it besides try to re arrange the tree.

My system is about 70 / 30 mix of the old Pro E and new Creo. We have been using Pro E with our comanpy since version Pro E 2000, so we have a large variate of issues within Manufacturing, especially the change from WF3 to WF4 with the change to material direction removal when using sketch, some times, I just delete it and start again, instead of spending time trying to make an old system work with Creo. it is far more eaiser.

I am trying to update and modernise as much of our system as posibble up to creo standard, as I agree with steve, the new system is much simpler and you can do more with it.

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