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Round milling sequence


Round milling sequence


Can some one give me a solution on a simple round mill sequence. I try to add an entry distance and an exit distance on below picture. I have filled in a value off 20 on both but it doens't react on it, as you can see in the second picture.

Best regards,


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From the image it appears to be trying to use a lead radius, is the value you have for normal lead step not allowing the entry and exit to work? Have you trie just using normal lead step with the larger value? How do you want the tool to come off the radius?


In this case i don't need the lead radius, but have implemented this so that the tool will not begins in the material right away. I have tried it with the normal lead step but it doensn't work either. Do you have more suggestions?

Is this just a trajectory?

In Creo 3, there is a round mill step option, which is simple to use, just by selecting the  the available rounds on the model.

O ok I am still in Creo 2, do you have CUT_ENTRY_EXT & CUT_EXIT_EXT under the entry/exit motions tab?

Here are my options

Have you tried the TANGENT_LEAD STEP below is what my trajectory looks like when I lead in or out. I would try turning Lead in to yes & Lead out to yes and setting the TANGENT_LEAD_STEP to some value and the Lead Radius to a value. If you have not tried it already.Capture.JPG

With the settings from above its working. The trick was to set the lead in and lead out, and then also use the overtravel distance.

This one is solved now. Thanks for the input Matt!!

Just out of curiosity will it work without  the overtravel? Good talking with you glad we found a solution.

It works, but the only thing that's not nice is that the plunges straight in your material. Which is a thing that needs to be avoid.

thnx again

Thanks for the info.

Now i am running into the next problem. I want to use the cuttcom option in a round mill feature, but strange thing happens as you can see on the picture.

It makes a small step extra for turning the cutcom on and off which causes the collision.

Any suggestions?

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