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Threaded Hole WF5


Threaded Hole WF5

We noticed that the thread size in the "hole" feature only goes up to 1-1/4 - 7 UNC. I am speculating but I imagine that is driven by a table and additional thread sizes can be added? I looked in the but didn't find anything regarding a thread table. Anyone have a table up to say 2-1/2" thread? And how to designated Pro to read it?


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You are correct: threaded holes are defined by tables contained in files with the extension .hol. The default location is load point\text\hole. You can easily add the holes you need by editing the table. You can either edit the default hole table (which means all users would see the same thing) or make a local copy and point to it using the hole_parameter_file_path statement in your

PTC has a good description of this on their website here: or go to the Knowledge Base and search for 107248.

Note that the hole files are loaded into session as needed (i.e., nothing is loaded until you start defining a hole). Therefore, if you edit the hole file after you have already loaded the file into your current session, you may need to exit ProE and restart in order to see the changes.


There is a video replay from August of 2009 about customizing .hol files on the Webcast Replay page ofEAC Product Development Solutions web site, you can access it here: explores altering these dimensions, adding more tapped hole features and general customization of .hol files. It may be worth a look!


Doug Hippe

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