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WF5 Turning Funcionalities - 3 critical bugs in 2 days


WF5 Turning Funcionalities - 3 critical bugs in 2 days

Hi folks,

I'm testing WF5 since more than a year ago and so far I've found a bunch
of bugs on it... M100/M110 we got fixes for the most critical things we
spotted and this week I started testing it again for a rollout we have

Then I focused in testing closely the new FLASH tool functionality and I
found 3 nasty bugs that really make you think about the QA that is done
at PTC:

Problems I found so far:

This is old (WF3 at least)

#1 - When you set the parameter CUTTING_DIRECTION to REVERSE in a
turning sequence, the lead in / lead out moves in the toolpath gets
messed up (Gouging the part) and you have to define them again. As of
WF5 the build cut menu is no longer available in the Tool Motion dialog,
then you have to play with the new parameters CUT_ENTRY_EXT and
CUT_EXIT_EXT to do the same, which are rendered useless when you reverse
the cut.

In WF3, you could at least select the side of the lead in / lead out
moves you wanted. WF5 assumes it never changes and the toolpath gets
messed, and the part, gouged. The only workaround is to manually add
lead in / lead out moves in the Tool Motion dialog because it still
allows you to pick a side. This is so damn old problem and I doubt
nobody reported it to PTC in all these years. (Honestly, I assumed
someone did, because I heard about it lots of times from lots of users -
Opened a case today just in case they didn't know it)

#2 - If you flash your tool using the parameter FLASH_TOOL = YES and
have GOUGE_AVOID_TYPE set as TIP_&_SIDES the toolpath preview is wrongly
shown in the Tool Motion dialog. Pro/NC trims the toolpath "thinking"
the tool back is still there, not taking into account it was flashed. It
computes the toolpath correctly and shows it correctly in the CL Player
though. I hate to set GOUGE_AVOID_TYPE as TIP_ONLY without a very good
reason. It's like formally asking Pro/NC to do stupid things, more than
the ones it already does.

#3 - Pro/NC shows an inconsistent behavior when creating tangent lead in
/ lead out moves if TIP_CONTROL_POINT is set as CENTER. It works as
expected if set as TIP. The "supposed to be" tangent lead step moves are
not tangent to the lead in / lead out arcs at all if TIP_CONTROL_POINT
is set as CENTER, a must in MillTurn machines... set TIP_CONTROL_POINT
as TIP and you get them correct in the CLPlayer and in the tape file...
This is also an issue in WF3.

I wonder if more people using the new functionality in multitasking
tools and flash tools are dealing with these problems in turning
toolpaths... some are old... some are new... the thing described in the
problem #1 is really disgusting and I don't understand why this bug is
still there after 2 releases...

By the way, does anybody else found weird the way PTC implemented the
Flash functionality in the NCL? It seems they only use the OFSETNO
statement and not a TURRET , AAXIS statement as they do with
multitasking tools... any insight on this? If any of you are using it,
would you mind to tell me how you are triggering the PP to flash the
tool using the new WF5 functionality?

It would be great to hear about more experiences and be prepared for
possible issues in our rollout,

Thank you in advance,


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