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WF5 reading SW files interface


WF5 reading SW files interface


We are on WF5 (or should I be saying CreoPro, LOL) and we have one seat of SolidWorks 2007. I am trying to get WF5 to read a SW part file. I have the config pro "swdocmgr_license_key" with the alphanumeric code I got from the SW "help" -> "show license" -> about<tab>" -> "Computer ID" <number>.

When I try to read a SW file Pro gives me the error "Bad license key has been used". Does WF5 require a newer version of SW than 2007? Has anyone set this up?


Manufacturing Engineer

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Yes, it do work for us, even for SW 2010 which is not supported. Did you get the license key from SW support?

Starting in datecode F000 of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0, an Interface for SolidWorks is available. It is a Windows-only, import-only processor that is included with Pro/ENGINEER, but requires an installation of SolidWorks 2007, SolidWorks 2008, or SolidWorks Explorer, and a license key issued by SolidWorks to register a DLL that is present in the aforementioned installations.

Additional Information

1) Make sure one of the following is installed on the same computer as Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0:
- SolidWorks 2007
- SolidWorks 2008
- SolidWorks 2009 (as of Wildfire 5.0 Datecode M020)
- SolidWorks Explorer (free download)

2) Obtain a free license key for "swdocumentmgr.dll" (must be a SolidWorks customer):

- Email SolidWorks API support at to request a license key

3) Enter the license key using the "swdocmgr_license_key" Pro/ENGINEER option to register the "swdocumentmgr.dll":

- swdocmgr_license_key <dll license=" key=" string=">

4) Launch Pro/ENGINEER and open SolidWorks (*.sldprt or *.sldasm) files.
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