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Gpost question...


Gpost question...

I am running into an issue with this one program that when I post it out
using Gpost, on the screen that tells me if the post is complete it tells me
1 warning but no info on what the warning is. Is there a way I can find out
what the warning is so that I can fix the issue.


Son Nguyen

Great Plains Mfg.

108 W. 2nd Street

Assaria, KS. 67416

785-667-7763 ext. 3477

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Look in the folder where the NCL file is located and find the file with the
same name and the extension .LST. This is the post listing file and it will
have the warning messages in it. Just search the file for the word

Fred Nemecek
Austin N.C., Inc.
512/458-1112 x119

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