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Wrong Rotation Output


Wrong Rotation Output

For some reason, I do not always get the correct rotation output while creating
a 3-axis trajectory move on a 5-axis machine. I set my home csys in the correct
orientation in my operation, and then I select other csys's to position and create
the tool paths throughout my operation. It always seems like the rotary axis is
the one gets output wrong. I believe my post is correct, and is reading and outputting
exactly what it's being told, so I think my .ncl file is not being created properly.
I end either having to post out each tool path individually, and then pasting them
into one main program, or create an extra tool paths prior to
the one that's not outputting correctly to try and get it in the
area of the desired location, which seems to work, but it's a
pain and kind of hit and miss. Try--post--review--try again--until
correct position is output.
I have tried 4-axis with axis control, but that doesn't seem to position
my indexer exactly where I want it. Is there a CL command I could add prior
to a new rotation that would help?
thanks for any thought or input
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What settings you are using for this machine (Workcell) - Are you using ROTATE statements or MULTAX mode?

When MULTAX is selected, "Use rotate output" is unchecked... as shown below...

What is the PP setting to handle rotary output?

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