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changing the size of a mold base


changing the size of a mold base

I need your help

The standards of the Mold Base in the Brazil are different of the European suppliers.

How do I create a copy of the complete mold base (eg Futuba) and change the dimensions?

(Example: Distance between columns, distance pin return, etcetera). 

You would have any instruction or video material to help me?

Thank you for your help

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Hello Mauricio,


Have you ever used the Moldbase Editor in EMX. This is a tool to manipulate the moldbase data that is provided by EMX.

moldbase editor.PNG

Okay, next Step: What you would like to do is adding a completely new supplier which is maybe called “DME Brazil” maybe? ( I have seen a supplier like this in some other customers configs)

moldbase editor 1.PNG

We will copy the existing “d-m-e” data and rename it “d-m-e_brazil”

moldbase editor 2.PNG

Now you already have a new supplier showing up in the Moldbase Definition Dialog and you can also manipulate the values of the new supplier with the Moldbase Editor

moldbase editor 3.PNGmoldbase editor 4.PNG


The values of the suppliers “d-m-e” and “d-m-e_brazil are now completely identical.

It is up to you what you are doing with the “d-m-e brazil” values.

Here is a quick overview of the mold base editor functionalities:

moldbase editor 5.PNGmoldbase editor 6.PNGmoldbase editor 7.PNG


Adding new suppliers is a big project and be careful with the plate values, otherwise it may occur that customers will order plates with wrong sizes.

Have a nice day,


Kind Regards
Thomas Schneyer
B&W Software GmbH
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