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expert moldbase extension 7.0


expert moldbase extension 7.0

plz tell me how to add component in expert moldbase extension using component to apply quilt on component? to apply udf on component.

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Hey Aniket,

For adding a new component in EMX you have to know some things about the data structure behind.

1. All components in EMX are stored in the folder %EMX_INSTALLATION_DIR/components/%UNIT_DIR/%COMPONENT_TYPE

2. An EMX Components is always defined by different files:

     - *.prt : The Creo Part File

    - *.drw: The Creo Drawing File

     - *.gif: The picture of the component

     - *_detail.gif: A more detailed picture which usually contains all part dimensions

     - The comp_data.txt: This file describes how the components is handled an d all instances of it

     - The udf_data.txt: This file describes what udfs should be used to add cutouts to the rest of the mold base

     As you see this looks quite complicated so far.

     The simple reason for this is that EMX is very flexible tool and components can be very different within the CAD system. So we need an adaptable data structure which can      handle all different assembling cases.

3. With the component editor you can open existing comp_data.txt files. The component editor will the show you all current instances and udf's of a component. You have to be aware that all dimension of a component you want to change with EMX have to exist with the same name in your creo part.

4. The next step to create your own components would be to copy an existing prt, drw, gif  rename them and try to adapt the already existing comp_data.txt and the udf_data.txt similar to the existing one.

5.You can either use the component editor or just do it manually in the text files.

6. We are aware that this is not a trivial task, but on the other side applying standardized rules to a parametric CAD System is not a trivial task.

7. I won't be able to explain the whole process just in this one thread, but I can tell you that we ware working on an improved component Editor concept which will be release with the coming Creo 4 and EMX10 Version. With this Editor the Data Structure will a bit easier to understand and the creation process will be improved.

Be aware to back up you components folder. If changes are manually applied to this folder EMX or all standard components can show a wrong behavior.

My final suggestion is: EMX also allows you to add your own library components. May be you can use this functionality. This library components are in the %EMX_INSTALLATION_DIR/components/%UNIT_DIR/library folder. The data structure is more simple and you don't have to be afraid that you crash the default comp_data files

Kind Regards
Thomas Schneyer
B&W Software GmbH