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post procesor in Creo 2.0 to heidenhain


post procesor in Creo 2.0 to heidenhain


I am trying to convert my program from Creo 2.0 M030 on Win 8.1 into heidenhain language.

I have read all post on this forum but still I can not find answer for my troubles.

First of all, what I am doing:

step 1

after finishing creating tool paths > save a cl file > nc sequence > selecting cut > file > cl file i interactive checked  > done > lokalization on disk  > ok > file *.ncl.1 is created

step 2

click on "post a cl file" > selecting file from step 1 > verbose i trace checked > done > list from uncx01.p11 to uncx01.p51 > I do not know which shell i select >  selecting uncx01.p11 > smd windows appear > "enter program number"  = "1111" > enter > files .lst .mbx .tap .acl are created

question #1

what can I do with files .lst .mbx .tap .acl?

question #2

how can I get file for heidenhain machine?

Please describe as clear as possible because I am not good enough in it!


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Hello Michal,

The *.tap file is your postprocessed output (*.tap is the default extension, but like most things this can be chaned in postprocessor settings).

The *.lst file is a kind of log file showing the postprocessing, it usually contains CLDATA lines, generated code and warnings or error messages.

The other two are files created during processing, but I have never cared about them.

Some sample or "start" settings can be downloaded from the PTC web site, but the recommendation is to adjust the settings to the machine, based on it's manuals.

Here is the article from where to access the sample files (one is called HEIDENHAIN ISO - 5 AXIS):

CS54723 : Download of GPOST Postprocessors for Pro/ENGINEER, Creo Elements/Pro and Creo Parametric