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Cant convert to Prime 6.0


Cant convert to Prime 6.0

Hi everyone,


I am trying to convert a file from MC15 to Prime 6.0, but I am getting this specific error:

Conversion operation failed. Cannot start conversion. 
The problem may be due to an older version of MathCad on the system.
Close the previous version to avoid data loss, run mcregister.exe in D:\MathCad,
and then restart the converter.

At the moment of conversion, I don't have MC15 open, and running mcregister.exe, doesn´t do anything. 

I checked my Task Manager, but I don´t have any instance of MathCad running. I don´t know if its because my file is a bit large, but I´ll add it.


If anyone has encounter this error and knows how to fix it, I´ll appreciate any advice since I want to convert some files to work on Prime 6.0.


Thanks in advance


PS. The screenshot attached is on Spanish. 

23-Emerald III

 The error message is referring to Prime installation(s), not to ( real) Mathcad...

Did you install an older version of Prime,  so a version 1, 2, 3, 3.1, 4 or 5?

Then you'll have to revise your Prime 6 installation.





Hi @LucMeekes 


Sorry for the long reply.

I don´t hace any other installations of Prime, just 6.0. I tried reinstalling again, but the error continues.

Do you have the latest build of Mathcad 15 (its M050) installed?


Find attached the converted file (P6 format)

Guess you will have to manually fix Prime's faulty auto-labeling to make it work OK as described in the other thread

Attention: When you open the file you will see the correct results (from the last MC15 run) but when you let the file recalculate it will yield wrong results because of incorrect labeling of variables.

I've got the same problem. I'm running Windows 10 for Workstations and installed Mathcad Prime 6.0 and then installed Mathcad 15 (M050). I can open my old Mathcad 15 files with Mathcad 15. But when I try to use Prime 6.0 to convert my old Mathcad 15 files to Prime I get the error message at the top of this thread.


When I attempt to run mcregister.exe from the command prompt (even as administrator) I get a "Failed" message and to look at the mcregister.log file for the reason. The log file doesn't exist anywhere.


It is very unclear how to move my Mathcad 15 files over to Prime 6.0 which was why I just purchased Prime 6.0.

I can only suggest hat you open a case at PTC support.


If you have installed Prime Infrastructure for the first time you may access the lifecycle and assurance features using the built-in evaluation license that is available by default. The default evaluation license is valid for 60 days for 100 devices.