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How to integrate correctly


How to integrate correctly


i have a short question for how to write this integral correctly with vektorising.

At the moment its not working.

I need this vektorised because i have different loadcases ands different "xc" values.

Would be nice if anyone can help me

Thx best regards Stefan


also the other factors example "m" is different for every loadcase....

21-Topaz II

Hi Stefan, that's okay ?



so you did the integration separatly without borders just the integral and then you calculatet the vektorising function with borders.

Hmm but why is my vektorising function not working i set the arrow over the hole formula.

Yes that does look correct the assume seems to be correct yes.

Best thx ill have a look on my sheet myself

You don't have to make everything a vector, if a value doesn't change, leave it a single value

THx for answers!

I could solve the problem!

Good day Stefan - glad you were able to find a solution!

The best way to get exposure to your question is to "Start a Discussion" rather than create a document.

Please let me know if I can ever be of help.



Thx for the help!

I will look for a discussion next time

Regards Stefan

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