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Inserting Special Characters


Inserting Special Characters


How can I insert or add new special characters in Mathcad?
How can this be done?
For example to extend the greek tab with the hat character, but also others.



For example, I would like to add the following character - hat:



Thank you.
Best regards.



Accepted Solutions

I search and paste some letter in Word than copy in Mathcad



View solution in original post


I search and paste some letter in Word than copy in Mathcad



Thank you.

It is a good idea, but I was interested in whether you can insert that special character (for example the hat, but also other characters) directly from a Mathcad tab.

But as an idea, if there is no other variant or other idea / illuminating solution from any other user, it is a very good solution to try when I need to insert various special characters and which are not found directly in Mathcad.

Thank you very much.

24-Ruby V

I assume you are using real Mathcad (MC15 or below).

You can't edit or extend the characters available on the greek palette or any other

You may try to copy characters from other software, maybe additionally using the Ctrl-K "trick" when creating a variable name. On program you might find very useful for doing so is the system program "charmap".

I could not find the p with the hat there (and obviously Valery wasn't able to do so either). So when it comes to create new letters using diacritic characters it may get more complicated.

There were some old threads here in the forum that explained how to do it, but on my system with a different language setting I was never able to duplicate the effects shown in those threads.

I use Mathcad 15.

Letter p was just an example (it could be another letter or even a number, does not matter).
The question and point were that: it is possible to add, for example, to a letter a hat (but also another character, like in word?



Thank you.


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24-Ruby V

I don't know of a method to add a hat or bar or dots on top of any character, but I vaguely remember one or two threads here in the past which covered that topic and there were given tipps on how to apply that kind of diacritic caracters like hat, tilde, dots, bar, etc on top of any character. I just remember that I never was able to duplicate what was suggested in those threads. This may have to do with the fact, that I use a localized Windows (German) and also a German Keyboard - not sure though. I quickly tried to find those thread but had no luck.


With German keyboards the ^ key act like a dead key or delayed key. When we press ^ nothing happens and Windows waits for the next character. If the next character is a vocal, then it gets a hat on top, otherwise both the hat and the letter are displayed side by side. But using this method we obviously can't create the p with the hat or others.


All I can suggest is that you look through the various typefaces in charmap and use copy and paste. You may collect the character you use often in a collapsed area in your sheet for quicker access.

Some people also suggested to remember the unicode nnnn of the characters and use ALT-0nnnn to insert special characters, but i think this method only works with the DOS codes up to 255 and are calculated modulo 256.  At least ALT-0501 gives the same result as ALT-245, the letter õ


Facit: Whatever way you will find to achieve (at least partially) what you have in mind, I guess it will not be easy and convenient.


It is work, but you can build "special" characters.

Open Character Map and select Advanced view.

Select the base character and copy

Look for "Group by:" and select Unicode Subrange is the drop down box

A window will appear in the upper right.  Scroll down to "Combining Diacritical Marks".  Select the mark you like and select and copy.

Now you can paste into a Prime Test Box.

I would use these letters on special occasion.




Thanks, I guess thats it.


The hat is not centred correctly, but otherwise it works OK.

Still cumbersome, but at least a solution we can use on every character and not limited to those which already are in the font with a hat.





Unicode: U+0302



Yes, thats exactly the character to use.

But the question was about Mathcad 15 and here the display is a little bit distorted, as I had shown - the accent circumflex, the hat, is not correctly centred. But I think that @Cornel  can live with it quite well  😉







But if I want to insert v hat for example:



How could it be done? that I did not see the letter v hat...or I omit it by mistake (I do not know:))

Is it possible to make the connection between MathType and Mathcad?

Thank you.

24-Ruby V

Mathtype can export in different formats, but Mathcad uses a non-standard proprietary format so I don't think that you can export a Mathtype formula to Mathcad. Of course you can copy a Mathtype expression to Mathcad, but it either still will be a Mathtype object (similar to the Mathtype formulas you embed in a word processor or it will be a picture.

To create something like this


first follow the description of @tietjee 

Start "charmap", chose "Group by. Unicode subrange" and select ""Combining Diacritical Marks" in the windows which popped up.


Now select the diacritic character you want to combine with the letter v or ny - in our case the third one in the first row, the accent circumflex. Click "Select" and "Copy" to get it into the clipboard.

Now switch to Mathcad, type v, then Ctrl-C to insert the "hat" and then : or whatever.

Keep in mind that even though the hat is on top of the letter v, the logic is that its to the right of this letter. Put the blue cursor to the left of the combined and then press the right arrow. The cursor is now (without you seein it) between the "v" and the hat "^". If you keep on typing now, the hat will move along, so you rather have to press the right arrow a second time to place the cursor to the right of the hat, too.

You may copy the diacritic character somewhere in the sheet, maybe in a collapsed region, so you can access it without having to open charmap. But its a very tiny symbol, so don't lose it 😉

Good luck!


EDIT: Sorry, I overlooked that you asked for a letter with an arc above it. This is the third character from the right in the first row of the charmap table. Unicode U+0311




Can you send the Mathcad file?

I don't know, it doesn't work out for me :).


Thank you.

24-Ruby V

You sure are aware that you must use the diacritic hat chacracter (Unicode U+0302) and not just the normal one from the keyboard (which is U+005E).

Here is a selection of diacritic characters


Mathcad 15 file is attached.

I also converted the sheet to Prime and the result is much prettier (Prime doesn't support the hex notation of numbers, though). But some characters seem to be displaced in Prime - not sure if its the fault of the converter.


Prime 6 sheet attached, too.



 I finally succeeded after referring to your comment: ''You probably know that you have to use the diacritical hat character (Unicode U + 0302)...''.


I think that initially I did not insert the diacritic of a good hat, although I also took the hat from the character map.
But it doesn't matter now because I succeeded.

Thank you all for your suggestions and time.

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