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New plot functionality in MathCad Prime 3.0?


New plot functionality in MathCad Prime 3.0?

I just renewed my subscription to MathCad and although there are some leaks concerning the forthcoming release, still there is very little information regarding plotting enhancements. For example does anyone know if PTC have reinstated gridlines on the graph plots and/or a second independent Y2 axis or can we include a raster image as a background to a plot; say a contour plot on land surface or radiative heat transfer to an object for example? If not then I am afraid I may have wasted my money. Considering the fact that Wolfram is soon to release their cloud version of Mathematica which has engineering unit support also; then MathCad 3, to me at least, seems to be trailing far behind in the technology stakes. If PTC ignores basic functionality then it is certain that it will go the way of the dodo. New Numerical Functions are all well and good but if one cannot interpret the output of functions in a coherent way then in my view the thousand lines of code that precede the answer are somewhat irrelevant particularly when all someone is trying to do is extract the relevant information to a report.

Regards, Mark


Not good form when one has to reply to their own web posting but in the interest of making Mathcad the best mathematics program on the planet I believe PTC should be talking to this guy see:

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As far as I can remember gridlines and secondary Y2 axis have not been added.

Nor do I think you can add a raster image.

I'm afraid we have to wait for yet another release, which I think will not be up to scratch.


There is a lot of Plots. It is impossible to have its all in Prime.

I use in Prime some plots what I need from others program - from Excel for example:



Here is a link with perhaps a little more information on MathCad Prime 3.0.

Do you know the release date of this version 3.0.



Thanks for sharing that finding. From what we can read here P3 will bring nothing spectacular compared with MC15, but at least some steps in the right direction, I guess.

Do you know the release date of this version 3.0.

Nothing much more precise as what is stated in the file you linked to (summer 2013). According to a posting by Rpger Yeh from PTC ( P3 is scheduled for end of this summer.


Hello Werner,
I use MathCad since version 2 DOS.
I actually MC 15 and Prime 2.
I find it very convenient to calculate directly with the units.
In earlier versions, there was a core of Maple.
I also use the latest version of Maple.
It seems that Prime does not want to go too far in the sophistication of the calculations and is associated with Creo.
Maple MapleSim created to show its complicated calculations.

Mathcad release schedule:


Also there is a new book is coming (expected release date: 01 Oct 2013) about MP 3.0 "Essential PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0: A Guide for New and Current Users" by B Maxfield:®-Prime®-3_0/Brent-Maxfield/isbn-9780124104105/

Table of contents:

Introduction to Mathcad;

Variables and Regions;

Simple Functions;


Mathcad Settings;

Arrays, Vectors, and Matrices;

Selected Mathcad Functions;


Simple Logic Programming;

Introduction to Symbolic Calculations;

Solving Engineering Equations;

Advanced Programming;

Calculus and Differential Equations;

Putting it all Together;

Mathcad Settings;

Customizing Mathcad;


Assembling Calculations from Standard Calculation Worksheets;

Importing Files from Other Programs in Mathcad;

Communicating with Other Programs Using Components;

Microsoft Excel Component;

Inputs and Outputs;

Hyperlinks and Tables of Contents;



P.S. A free 12-month student trial edition of PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 is available by using the registration code included in the book.

Hello, Vladimir,

You took me to it, I was trying to find the link to join.

I've already done a pre-order this book.

I hope to learn things.

It sara not easy for me, because I do not speak and read English.

But I'm used to.



Hi Denis,

Denis Jaunin wrote:

... I do not speak and read English...

But you can begin to learn it.

Hello, Vladimir,

Unfortunately, I've tried everything for a long time, but I do not have a gift for languages​​.

Now it is a little late to start learning and I admit that I rely on machine translation.

Thank you for the encouragement.



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