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PTC Prime 3.0 - Gets not responding during the launch


PTC Prime 3.0 - Gets not responding during the launch


I'm IT engineer from DNVGL China.

Our company bought and released Mathcad Prime 3.0 to all dedicated users for about 1 year.

In the couple of weeks, we received an internet support request from one Mathcad Prime 3.0 user in DNVGL China office, that in his computer, when launching Prime 3.0, it will take a very long time to wait for the launch the application.

The startup application window will get hang - "Not Responding", clicking it or not.

User will have to wait for more than 40 minutes and finally it will work as normal - sometimes it just keep as "not responding" until terminating the process in task manager list.

I tested it in my PC and got the same issue.

I've read many articles and tried all those suggestions, including completely re-installation of this application as well as its dependencies, however none of them works.

During the testing, I noticed the followings:

When the PC is online (meaning has network connection), this issue will happen.

When the PC is offline (meaning has not network connection), this issue will not happen.

Our company bought the licenses and setup license servers internally.

Up till now, this issue does not affect users in other regions in the company, it is now only happened in one user' PC and in my PC (I installed for testing purpose.)

Could anyone of you please advise on this situations?

I've tried all what I can and have no other solutions for this issue.



23-Emerald II

Not my area of expertise, but out of idle curiosity, how does the affected PC get its licence (in both standalone and connected modes)? Can you monitor the traffic between the affected PC (or your test PC) to see what is happening?

If you're on maintenance, can you try installing Prime 3.1 or Mathcad 15 to see if you get similar issues?


Hi Stuart,

We setup a license server located in Oslo, Norway.

We provide the license server information, which is license server ip address and port name to the our internal users.

User will launch the application and put these information into the application -> Options -> License server tab.

And when the PC has the intranet connection and user launches the application, it will automatically check and connect to the license server to activate application.

No, I am not responsible for network support and have very limited knowledge about how to monitor the traffic between my test PC (or the affected PC) to the license server.

However, this reminds me and I will contact internet network support for this.

I cannot install Prime 3.1 because our company has not yet bought the license of this version therefore it is illegal for me to do this...

But I will try install old Mathcad 15 M020, we have this package and licenses, and I will see how it works.

About the symptom

I do feel this is about the communication between this application (client side) and license server (server side).

And since this is not an issue to offices in other regions, I now simply think it is network communication issue in China.

But I hope to get some advice and tech support from PTC.

If someone here could advise any workaround or solutions, and I could provide logs in the client PC.



I know that the "Mathcad Prime Help Center" requests a connection to the Internet. Try also to remove from your computer "PTC Quality Agent".

Hi Valadimir,

PTC Quality Agent has also been scripted in the package of Prime 3.0.

For now we cannot remove this from the source package as it might be useful to some users internally.

Do you have any ideas if we could disable/enable this PTC Quality Agent in Mathcad Prime 3.0?

Just removed Quality Agent and no, it does not solve the issue.


What version of OS you use on these two computers? And please send your issue to PTC's technical support by using "Mathcad Support Center": Mathcad Support Center

The OS we used is: Windows 7 (64bit).

I do not have the Sales Order Number (SON) or Customer Number or Service Contract Number (SCN).

Therefore, I do not know how to proceed this in.


1. "Customer Number" and "Contract Number" must be included in your Mathcad license file ("license.dat"). And some of my comments may also be useful for you for finding, here: Re: Mathcad 15 help file not available; Mathcad Prime 1.0 won't convert files

2. Try to contact with PTC's technical support by creating new "Case" here ("Log a New Case"):

3. Install the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework in Win7.