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Re-posted this because the original posting stuffed up when my computer ran out of memory (I loaded three MCad Prime instances at once).

Most of these haven't been emailed - I'm putting it up here to put it out there and to see who else agrees. In no particular order here are a range of features I would like:

1. Allow multi-document format
a. This is a throw back to superior Multi Document layout of earlier MathCAD�s where the user had the option to show what they wanted how they wanted. I want to tile my worksheets and compare them on the same screen at the same time without having to open and size three separate instances (each instance has the bulk of the menus).

b. If this is no longer an option, then allow me to split the screen and have two tabs visible at once (Visual Studio allows the user to split the screen and show two tabs at the one time). Again, the benefits are that two worksheets can be worked on at once, which is particularly good for "Include" worksheets.

2. Allow dockable toolbars and/or free floating tool bars. This has been outlined in other threads but essentially there are several times that frequent access to operators is required. Programming and solve blocks are just two examples that I use them. The additional click and time required to find the required operator is a performance impact I'd rather do without. This would be solved by allowing these commonly used areas to have floating/dockable toolbars

3. Allow "User" defined tabs in the ribbon (this could help with issue 2 above), where I can add ANYTHING I like - including programming operators and/or common functions I would like to use. It would also be nice to be able to customise the current Ribbon, removing those features I will never use while also allowing more options that I will use.

4. Allow third party development processes so that I can start augmenting Prime.

5. Allow type over, so that if I highlight a section of an equation and press a key I expect MCad to delete everything that is highlighted and replace with whatever I have just typed. The same thing goes for Paste, I expect that I should be able to highlight a section of an equation (such as a function name) and paste over it. I don�t like that I have to delete text before MCad accepts my type/paste command.

6. Allow me to open MCad 14 documents I know this is in development � but it is really hard to test merely be replicating.

7. Improve 2D plots so that I can size my points.

8. Implement 3D plots.

9. Offer better cross-product integration with Excel and databases.

10. Allow grid to be customised (colour, size, thickness). I had to adjust brightness/contrast on several monitors to see the grid clearly.

11. Improve selection and movement of items. Although better than previous Beta it is still VERY hard to find the very narrow band around the selected item that changes the cursor to a �move� cursor. I would like to see move work by simply pressing and holding the left mouse button.

12. Holding down Ctrl and then moving the mouse wheel should zoom in/out like all other Windows products.

13. Right Click menus. It would be great of some standard options could be put into the right click menu that should come up when the user right clicks. So far I�ve only found that right click works when in a text block. It actually seems to completely ignore right clicks.

14. Change the �Find/Replace� so that the �Next/Previous� buttons are next to the �Replace� button. I tried a Find/Replace process on about 30 items and it was not a practical exercise.

15. Change the window colour based on �Focus�. Several times I have started typing, then wondered where my text was only to see it went into the wrong MathCad Prime window/session. When you have two sessions up the only ways of detecting which one is currently active is either looking for the cursor or looking at whether the current Tab is bold or not.

16. Reduce memory footprint. I�m frequently getting up to a GB of memory used for relatively basic work.

17. Put application wide exception handling in place. That would provide a much better way of trapping and reporting errors back.

Nobody can hear you scream in Euclidean space.
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