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Russian natural gas exports: An analysis of challenges and opportunities.


Russian natural gas exports: An analysis of challenges and opportunities.

Author(s): Vladimir Kutcherova, Maria Morgunova, Valery Bessel, and Alexey Lopatin.


Creative Commons.

Source: Science Direct - Elsevier.


Karl Bogha Comments:

This journal paper is of interest to engineers and businesses involved in natural gas and LNG markets. It is also of interest to general readers who have some basic understanding of commerce and use of similar energy resources at their local level be it at residential or industrial. In the news today Russia's energy supply to Europe and Asia is often seen on major TV news, online newspapers and magazines, and maybe by now a college level study.


Recently as March - July 2020 with Covid-19 impact on oil and gas businesses in US, and the drop in crude oil prices internationally, many small and medium size oil and gas companies have filed for bankruptcy protection in the US. This maybe one reason of interest to the reader and there may be relevant information here.

Please refer to the link for the original copy. Attached copies 1) has my highlights and 2) as is original.

I, Karl Bogha, am not one of the author. I read this journal paper recently. 


This paper should be of academic and work use for planning and forecasting of energy resources. It is relevant for science, engineering, and business students in tertiary institutions and graduates. It may encourage you to use MathCad/Prime resources for applications in natural gas and LNG. These applications can be in fluid flow studies, reservoir engineering, piping network design, pricing, demand forecast, project finance, etc.


Original Abstract:

This study provides a comprehensive, updated, and refined analysis of the challenges and opportunities for Russian natural gas exports based on recent statistical data, academic publications, and media sources. The paper addresses the lack of continuity in studies within the topic since the recent changes are not reflected well enough in the current peer-reviewed literature. In order to understand the perspectives regarding Russian natural gas export in global natural gas markets, we consequently examine the current layout of the global natural gas markets, and challenges and opportunities for Russian natural gas exports. The analysis shows that the U.S. natural gas market is closed for Russian exports. In the European market, Russia is experiencing difficulties in increasing its export shares, or even maintaining current levels, owing to various macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges. Asian markets such as China, India, Japan, and South Korea, are the most promising destinations for future Russian natural gas exports. Despite strong geopolitical challenges and high competition globally, Russia should seek maintaining current export levels in the European market, while implementing a win-win export strategy, and secure its future export shares on the Asian markets. The results of the study can be used for scenario and planning purposes, and be useful for policy makers and industry practitioners.

Title: Russian natural gas exports: An analysis of challenges and opportunities.
Author(s): Vladimir Kutcherova, Maria Morgunova, Valery Bessel, and Alexey Lopatin.


Я вынужден свой загородный дом отапливать дровами. А Газпром мимо меня отправляет мой газ в Европу. Миллионный город Красноярск вынужден сжигать уголь и посыпать золой весь город. А Газпром мимо этого города хочет отправлять наш газ в Китай. Страна идиотов!

I have to heat my country house with wood. And Gazprom sends my gas to Europe past me. The millionth city of Krasnoyarsk is forced to burn coal and dust the entire city with ashes. And Gazprom wants to send our gas to China past this city. Country of idiots!

Pricing and timing may be the factor. This is not unusual.


Bulk sale versus small residential gas tank for residential cooking and heating, ok there is a debate or argument there. So how much we get if we sold it overseas via pipeline, build foreign reserves, improve currency exchange rate, and gain purchasing power? Em you stay with coal. 


I hope you found that humorous. In NZ there is off-shore oil. This oil was suitable for distilling at refineries for conversion to petrol. Because the oil was a high grade, the price was better to sell overseas made more money. We can buy low grade crude for refining to petrol. Today we pay market price for petrol at the pump (petrol station). No subsidies I know of no discounts. But would any body say NZ is a country of stupids. No. USA ? I got no comments.


Similar in Malaysia they got off-shore oil and they don't subsidise much either used to they did. Most mid-east countries are not hurting in winter and are making money off their oil.


Personally I do wish I speak some Russian there maybe a job for me there. You maybe need to turn it around, be a little kinder to the Russian Federation Government. I may have use for them someday. They have not come to my need in the past but I keep my fingers crossed. Good Eh!










I just checked it on the internet. Wikipedia.

I was surprised at its history, industries, businesses, and contribution to Russia.

Especially so because its so inland. I am not good at Russian geography and history.

Impressive city.




50 - Sankt-Peterburg

100 - Moscow

200 - Sevastopol

500 - Arkhangelsk

1000 -  Yaroslavl

2000 - Vladivostok

5000 - Khabarovsk

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