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OPC Server to Kepware to Manufacturing Apps


OPC Server to Kepware to Manufacturing Apps

From Kepware I need to connect a remote OPC UA Server and send data to the Manufacturing Apps.

I have:

  • Kepware installed on Server A
  • OPC UA Server (non Kepware) on Server B

From server A I can ping the Server B

From Kepware I'm trying to connect the OPC UA Server using OPC UA Client driver, but I receive errors and the connection fails. I ‘d like to know if what I’m trying to do is feasible or not. Maybe my approach is wrong.

Any help would be appreciated a lot

Many thanks Martina



Errors are:

--> Creating the Channel, I receive the following warning 

There is no exact match for the configured endpoint URL in the UA Server. Attempting to connect using the configured URL. Channel endpoint URL = opc.tcp://, server endpoint description URL = opc.tcp://yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy:4840/.

Where is the IP of Server B and yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy is a not-known IP, <> from

And then the following error

Channel failed to connect. |
Status description = 'An internal error occurred as a result of a programming or configuration error.', Status code = 0X80020000.

--> Creating the device I receive the following error when I import Items from the Remote OPC UA Server

Failed to connect to UA server ‘opc.tcp://’ for browsing






Hi @md'ambrosio ,


The error indicates an issue with user authentication through OPC UA interface and you needs to verify that the credentials being passed by the client driver needs to be verified on the target server so that it will allow that specific user access to the server data.




Hello Himanshu,

many thanks for your help.

Do you know how to pass the credentials? Do I have to export the cercificate of the client driver using the' OPC UA Configuration Manager' ? And pass it to the people managing the OPC server (non Kepware) ?

Many thanks again Martina

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