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5.0 schools ed M040 - program hang/crash


5.0 schools ed M040 - program hang/crash

I just downloaded the Wildfire 5.0 Schools Edition today, to do the education tutorial so we can get our district licensed.

I am currently just playing with the software, though I know a bit about CAD programs so I understand the basics.


I have found a definite, repeatable crash in the software using the example models included with the basic installation.


- Windows XP 32-bit SP3

- Intel Q9450 / Quad Core2 2.66ghz / 4 gig RAM

- nVidia GTX 285 1024 meg

- 32 bit install of Wildfire 5.0 Schools Edition, date code M040

Steps to reproduce:

1. Run the software

2. Open example assembly "cam_follower.asm" in:

C:\Program Files\ProENGINEER Schools Edition\demos\demo\mdx\tutorial3

3. Don't do anything to the assembly or view, leave everything at defaults.

4. Go to Analysis menu, "Motion Analysis"

5. Don't choose anything here, just click Run button 7 times.

Everything looks good.

6. Click Run button the 8th time...


Oh dear, the follower has spun around on a weird axis, flipping so it is now perpendicular to the cam.

Menu options don't show a way to deal with this. Cannot undo, cannot revert.


7. Click Run button the 9th time...


Follower now moves bizarrely, penetrates the cam, and Pro/E 5.0 locks up hard with an hourglass.

8. No way to cancel out of this. Have to End Task to deal with it.


- Dale


Hmm, I see the tech support for this software is ridiculously obtuse. No, I don't have a case number, contract number, or anything else. No it's not business critical or whatever. I'm using the free educational trial.

Where is PTC's "non-premium / free support"? Oh yeah, hello everyone here...


Though I somehow think their support people might want to know about such an easily reproduced hang/crash problem.

I do not see a way to just simply "report a bug" if I haven't paid for support services. Oh well, PTC's loss I guess.

- Dale


The analysis runs for me without issue. Did you first go into Mechanism mode Applications> Mechanism and run the Analysis called Dynamic Oscillation? After you do this, you should be able to run the analysis from within the Motion Analysis tool.



It is likely your graphics card, not certified for Pro/E

Even if it is, its usually the problem

Is it repeatable with other assy's?

Try setting option:

graphics opengl

Let me know all issues and I will support all I can

BTW, are you involved w FRC Robotics contests too?

Good Luck


It is repeatable. I have recorded videos of it for you to examine, using CamStudio.

The first is with no "graphics" setting in

While making this and observing the follower wheel closely, I noticed that it begins to drift and rotate a few degrees out of paralle, on the 7th Run cycle. I am zooming in and examining this very slight misalignment before Run #8 where it completely flips to perpendicular, and the Run #9 where it penetrates the cam.

I accidentally found a way out of the hourglass hang... pressing the middle mouse button to spin the assembly immediately gets out of the hourglass and I can use the program normally after that.

The second is with the setting "graphics opengl" in .... no change:

(As far as contest involvement goes, no, I am not an accredited teacher but the school district IT manager / network administrator. I am trying to learn Pro/E to help make things easier for the tech-ed teacher and to be able to help students. We are not involved in any contests because this is at the level of being a feasibility study, finding out if it will work with our equipment and so forth.)


the options to bypass the graphics driver are

graphics win32_gdi


use_software_opengl yes



I think Reinhard Nueckel gave you the correct answer

Let me know if: 1) either or both config. options work 2) you need more help helping students BECAUSE many of us have an interest in helping schools, so Load us with questions, Maybe we can send you some free videos, that REALLY help everyone get started, I hate to lose students before they choose careers due to SW learning curves.

They need computers equal to the task of running Workstation Class CAD/CAE software, COTs – commercial off the shelf – computers – are still far from being able to handle Pro/E w/o causing serious user experience issues. New HW is not needed, certified HW is required. Refurbished is usually as good as new, repairs for other than static/spiking voltage - are rare - even after 6 years used, 9 years old. A good choice might be a "Refurbished Dell" - nearing the end of being sold by "Dell Refurbished/Scratch and Dent" division of "Dell"=> Look for a Workstation certified for Pro/E, that is used, guaranteed, and already depreciateed, not just some, but ALOT, examples: Dell 490 690 desktops, Dell m4300 m5300l Laptops - with PTC=Pro/E certified Graphics Card, such as Quadro nvidia 1800M, or 4500.

Precision Workstations from Dell usually are certified for Pro/E and available for 50-70 % off after 2-3 years of age, but warranted for THREE more years, with rare service required. These refurbished Dells often come from replacement of Federal government machines being replaced at places like National Laboratories, and Dell will only sell the refurbs. to small business and individuals. Usually they replace a $10 network card and sell it again after testing, for a reduced price - depending upon MB tech. age, RAM tech age, graphics card tech age, all related to MB. or CPU/GPU. Dell is a strong provider of CAD PC workstations to both government and Industry - they STAND BEHIND their Hardware. and provide excellent machines also, Pro/E certification and reputable PTC partnership is the key. If investing in a new machine, consider TriStar. TriStar is also a reseller of PTC SW, so they should be able to strongly certify their CAD workstations, and stand behind them too. I hope TriStar will start selling refurbished machines.

Certification and warranty are the KEYs.


A school near me just got a nice gift of old PCs being retired by a aerospace/defense contractor. Such a solution would be perfect for your s

Good Luck



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