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CREO Install issues


CREO Install issues

Good Afternoon,


After successfully installing and using CREO 5 educational edition, i soon realised that the university i attend uses CREO 4, and i was unable to open my work i had done in CREO 5.

I tried to install CREO 4 but it did not work, and in the process, it stopped CREO 5 from working also.

After multiple attempts at uninstalling, reinstalling, uninstalling again and deleting files, i have came up with these two issues.

When trying to install CREO 4, it will not install "CREO4 Platform Services", it just says unsuccessful and nothing else happens.

When trying to install CREO 5, everything installs except Direct, Parametric, Layout and Simulate, which all say 'Pending Prerequisite'.


Just looking for any tips on how to resolve this issue, as big as i know it is.





1.] uninstall all Creo items using Programs and Features dialog box

  • if you cannot uninstall some item, then proceed with step 2 and step 3 and return to step 1

2.] remove C:\Program Files\PTC directory

3.] remove all files/directories from %TEMP% directory

4.] restart PC

5.] look into C:\ProgramData\PTC\Licensing directory

  • I expect that you will find license file containing Creo 5.0 license

6.] install Creo 4.0

  • !!! do not enter Product code !!!
  • in Source field ... put path to license file containing Creo 5.0 license
  • finish installation


Martin Hanák
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