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Creo 2.0 on BootCamp & Parallels . . .


Creo 2.0 on BootCamp & Parallels . . .

OK, so I just got Creo 2.0 installed via Parallels to boot my BootCamp partition and everything works fine as long as I'm in Paralells. However, when I boot Windows natively on the BootCamp partition, I get squawk from the license manager that the license file is running against an invalid host.

Is this a known issue or a bug and is there a fix so I can run Creo from Parallels and booting off of the BootCamp partion? I've got a screenshot of the dialog if that is of use.

If I have to choose one or the other I would rather choose BootCamp, Paralllels has a bit too much overhead.




Your Creo license is tied to the Host Id. I don't know much about how MAC's or Parellels/Bootcamp work, however I would assume your primary Host ID is changing when you boot Windows natively.

Using a Windows example, if you installed Creo with your wireless enabled, then disabled the wireless card, Creo would not start because the Host ID tied to the wireless card can no longer be found.

HI Adam,

Thanks for the insight. I assume PTC's license manager is looking at hardware ID's from at least one of the NIC's and maybe the CPU to create the Host ID. It is possible that Parallels is spoofing the MAC addresses for the NICs, I suspect it does some sort of bridging to the physical layer which would explain the symptom.

Unfortunatley, if that is the case at this point the Host ID has already been established with the values from the VM, even if I could configure Parallels to use the native MAC addresses on the NICs, it that would just disable the whole install.

VM systems are pretty prevalent these days, I'd be surprised if I was the first person to have something like this happen. What is the typical process to resolve a situation like this? If I have to choose one or the other the VM is not the preferred option.

You will need to find out what the primary Host ID is and get a new license for that Host ID. You may also be able to change the priority of the Host ID that the license is looking for to be the 1st priority, then it would work.

I've never even used a MAC so I'm not much help. I would think if you installed the software when booted to Windows, the correct license would have been generated.

If you can't figure it out, I would suggest you submit a support request at, someone with more experience in this will be able to help you.

Hi Adam,

Thanks, what you say makes sense. Are there tools available to determine the primary Host ID and set its priority? If so I'll give that a try as I'm sure the CPU ID is the same both emulated and not.

If not, I'll submit a support ticket.

I've attached an old document I have that explains the process of reordering your network card priority. I think this is using Windows XP but there shouldn't be much difference. If all else fails, you could probably find out at the Microsoft website.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Adam!