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Creo 3.0 Student Edition License Failure.


Creo 3.0 Student Edition License Failure.

Hi PTC Academic Support.

I installed PTC Creo 3.0 M040 Student Edition a few days ago and the installation was a success and I was able to run all the applications included within the package - I was impressed at the ease and success of the installation. All started off looking very good...

I then went to use the software a couple of days later and was denied access due to License Request Failure messages. Refer to attached screen shots (shown for PTC Creo Parametric, but also typical for Simulate, Direct and Layout applications)...

I believe I know what is causing the licence to fail (I think) -> incorrect Host ID due to a temporary internet access modem/connection I was using at the time of installation and license file creation. My normal usual internet connection setup was malfunctioning for a few days so I temporarily made use of my sister's mobile broadband modem connected to my PC via a USB tethering setup. From what I can tell, my license file was generated using the MAC address of this temporary network connection modem as my Host ID. Now that my system is back to it's normal usual internet connection setup, my license fails due to incorrect MAC address/Host ID.

I have an internal "wired" network card installed in my desktop PC which I do not use for internet connection. My internet connection is achieved via a WiFi modem which is connected to my PC via USB (my PC lacks WiFi capabilities so I use this method which works great - except for last week when it was malfunctioning for the first time ever but is now all fixed). --> Please refer to attached screen shots for my standard normal internet connection and network card details & related PTC Host ID's...

How can this problem be fixed?

- Am I able to be issued with a new license file containing correct Hots ID?

- Do I need to re-install software with my usual internet connection setup? -> will this re-issue a new license with a new correct Host ID for my system?

I will greatly appreciate assistance in resolving this situation that I've managed to get myself into.

Best regards,

Robert Brandini.

P.S. -- An unrelated question: is it intended for the software to only be usable when the computer is on-line..?



you are knocking the wrong door . This is user forum not PTC Academic Support.

Email you request to -


enter your request on

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák

Hi Martin.

Thanks very much for your reply.

I thought this was the correct place to request support for my problem since it is the "Academic Program > Academic Support" forum, but looks like I was wrong.

I was not aware that I should use one of the two methods you mention in your reply in order to obtain the technical assistance required in resolving my issue. Thanks for bringing this to my attention - I will use these methods and hopefully they can help get me up and running again soon.


Robert Brandini.

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