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Creo Parametric Installation Issue (need help please)


Creo Parametric Installation Issue (need help please)

I have run PTC Installer and tried to save the license to the my documents, but it won't appear there.

In an effort to work around this, I ran PTC Installer on my friend's computer and emailed the license to me and continued with the installation. Now, however, the programs will not run because they do not have a valid license.

What should I do? The license won't save to my documents so I have no idea how to retrieve it and install it properly.

FYI: I am using Windows 7 on Parallels 7.

Thank you.


Are you installing Creo 1.0 or 2.0? With Creo 2.0 you drag and drop your product code into the SON/Product code field and your license will be created automatically. Be aware that, once a product code has been used, it is locked to that computer which is why you were unable to move the license from one PC to another. If you need further help or a replacement product code log a request on:

Creo 1.0.

I have tried, but the license is not being saved to my computer.

Have you tried web page license request.

Capturing the computer Host ID/MAC address.

Download, unzip and run this app on the PC/Server. It will report your computer’s Host ID.

Make a note/copy to clipboard the 12 digit Host ID.

Go to the link below for the edition and type of license that matches the product code you have been given.


If necessary, log in using your login.

Paste your product code into the appropriate field

Type in/Paste the host ID from step 2 in the appropriate field

Complete any other required fields and submit the form.

Within two hours you will receive an email with your license attached.

Copy the license file to the install computer.

Run the install and, at the licensing screen drag and drop the license file into the license field.

Complete the installation following the network installation instructions.

I am trying to get Creo Parametric 1.0. Sorry for not clarifying. Is there a link to request a license for 1.0?

Here are the links for creating Creo 1 licenses:

· Single Seat EDU:

· Floating EDU:

· Student (University):

· Student Edition: