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Extruding from a saved sketch


Extruding from a saved sketch

I am trying to extrude a part from a saved sketch.

I started by Menu bar>New>Part, then

MB>Insert>Extrude, then

Dashboard displays "Placement" in red.

Left Click on "Placement" displays a drop down menu which requests either:-

Select an existing sketch by clicking "Collector", or

Define an internal sketch.

I cannot see a "Collector"



There are two possibilities of create feature Extrude. First is, If you want to select existing sketch you must first to create Sketch feature. Next create extrude and then directly select existing sketch. Second is, If you want to create sketch in extrude you must to clik Extrude/ Placement/ Define and next create sketch (internal).

"Collector" is not displayed as a menu, should therefore be directly selected already created sketches.

Best Regardes



The green box with the red dot and words "Select 1 item" is the collector. It is waiting for you to select an existing Sketch feature. Note that a "Sketch feature" is different than a "saved sketch".

If you do not have a Sketch feature to select, click Define instead, this will open the Sketch dialog box. Select a sketch plane and orientation reference, then click Sketch, this will put you into sketcher mode. In sketcher mode, you can begin sketching or if for some reason you need to open a saved sketch (this is not common) you can click Sketch> Data from file> File System, select your saved sketch file.

Saved sketches are typically only used if you have a common sketch which is used over and over in many designs.

Hope this helps.



Many thanks Adam.

I have noted the full procedure as follows:-

LC Dashboard tab Placement>Define
In Sketch dialog, specify sketch plane>Sketch
MB>Sketch>Data from file>File system
In Open dialog, LC on name of saved sketch>Open
LC on sketch plane to place sketch>Adjust scale>OK
Adjust offsets to origin
In Dashboard, adjust extrusion options and properties