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My team for the F.I.R.S.T robotics has recieved a grant to use their software. The current video for the creo program is an out dated and it is not no help what so ever. We need help using the program. If their is anyone who can help our team that would be great.

Taylor Perry

F.I.R.S.T robotics

Riddler Revolution

team 1543



I see you are a student. So what do you need to know? Ask a specific question that we can answer.

Many of us are allways willing to help when we frequent this site.

Can you do anything whith Pro-e or have you never used a 3D program? Can you open pro-e?

Ever made a part? a drawing?



Hi Chris

I have never used the 3-d design program before. Yes I can open the program and build a single part. But the probelm is that I have never used any type of 3-d design program before. So do you have any source of information/videos that I can learn from. So that I am able to use the program and teach my other team mates.

Thank you

Taylor Perry

F.I.R.S.T robotics

Riddler Revolution


Hi Terry

Like you can see if you work with Pro-e you are never alone.

I 'm sure if you ask here a interesting challenge (or just something we know and you don't, still) for us we can help you out.

Hope this tutorals help you get a good start.

Season's greatings


Hi Terry,

Another few days on from your post so not sure how you are going. I see only one reply so far.

I just tried a search on

pro e tutorials

in Google and it came back with lots of possibilities. Some diffuculty though that many of rthe tutorials are for more advanced topics and you would not necessarily know which ones to pick.

Here are some I think might be relevant for you:

  • is of this same search but is obviously direct PTC info. Look on the Prerecorded Videos tab. Avoid the Conceptual and Industrial Design link as this will really put you in off the deep end. The second link is Detailed Design - CAD is the one you want and click the Tutorials tab then pick the ProEngineer Wildfire5 Tutorials. This will take you to the website and you will get a log in message. You need to get registered for PTC to do this so sort that out first. Once you have the page with Reference Documents will open and you click the link for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 Hands on Workshop which should get you going. However looking at this it shows plenty of stuff but is probably too advanced for what you want
  • (yes I know this says WF3 but it still shows similar stuff to the latest version). I see though that this refers to PTC University (i.e. PTC training). You may be able to access this stuff through PTC with your Student or Schools Edition. In any case even if you don't have the models you can page though this to get a better idea of the program.

If you are going to go with simple orthogonal shapes (think rectangular blocks) and holes in these then you can get going for simple parts and assemble these. The big deal with ProE (and some other more advanced programs) is that they are parametric which in basic terms means you can edit stuff afterward and the changes show up in your 3D model.

You say you have made a basic part but I am not sure what that is so I need to ask some more questions:

What version of ProEngineer are you using? I am guessing it will be Creo Pro elements (which we know as Wildfire 5 before the name got changed recently).

As far as I can see if you are trying to build some mechanism or robot type device then you should be able to manage this. Is it possible to sketch something of what you are trying to achieve then I can probably give you some pointers and other people on the forum might be able to help more too.

Did the first model you made have some basic features in it before you started? I am thinking of some default datum planes and a coordinate system. You can start ProE with just a first block feature but this is not good practice for parametric design as it tends to paint you into a corner as your design gets more complex. I am happy to try and set you up with some default stuff to help. Do you work in metric or inch sizes?

That's it for now but I will check overt the next couple of days to see if this is of any use to you or if I can help in some way.




I moved your discussion to the FIRST community. I'm sure the right eyes will see this now and help you out.


Hi Taylor,

I see Dan moved this to the FIRST discussions section. I notice that the announcement at the head of the discussions page for FIRST has links to the Current Software for you to use and also to Tutorials for using it. Have you looked at these tutorials?

Still happy to get a scanned sketch of what you are trying to do and I can probably help from there. If you want to make that more private from other FIRST teams you can e-mail me directly. I think you can see my e-mail on my profile page (yes that is a picture of me with a ProE cap). Think older guy who has been using ProE as a design tool for 15 years.

Regards, Brent

Hi Taylor,

Thanks for your e-mail. I am happy to hear that you are interested in utilizing Creo Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) for your robot design.

The PTC Academic Program has provided a number of resources to help teams get started.

To get started I recommend that you bookmark the following page:

This page lists all the resources for FIRST teams to get started with Creo Elements/Pro. Since you are a new user of our products, I recommend that you start with the PTC Hands-on Workshop Courseware.

This course would introduce you to part modeling, detailing and assembly.

In addition, I recommend that you register you and your team members to the PTC University -

Once regsitered, you can login to the web-bnased training site and choose the desired course from the online course menu on the left hand margin.

I recommend that you review the Modeling, Assembly, Detailing and Mechanism courses. These courses will include video lectures and demonstrations for you to follow.

If you have further questions, please email FIRST Support at -.



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