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Installation questions


Installation questions

Trying to install Creo here.

When using the wizard it's asking for the location to be installed in. It seems that ANY change on that page (other than unchecking the Quality Agent box) results in disabling of the Install button. For example I don't have room on my C: so am trying to change drives. As soon as I click on the box, the Install button greys out.



What version, edition and build code of Creo are you trying to install (ie., Creo 2.0, Student edition, M070)?

You should not see this behavior, sounds like a virus protection or permissions problem. Have you:

  • Disabled your virus protection, malware and firewall?
  • Made sure you have write permission to the drive you art attempting to install to?
  • Do you see the same behavior before moving from the C drive?

Note that it is always best if you can install in the default location. Any addon configuration or special educational programs we create are tied to it.

If you are still having problems, please use our PTC Academic Support page where you can find a solution yourself or submit a support request from the bottom of the Request Academic Support tab.



yes, It's the Creo 2.0 Student M070 version

As this is a work PC, I'm unable to disable virus/firewall (but that wouldn't think that to matter other than talking to PTC server to get code validated/updates - which the code validation was already successful).

I have permission to install.

I'm trying to include 2 screen shots

one good (from where I *just* transitioned from the previous page)

and the bad (from where all i did was click on the location, not editing it at all)


notice how the install goes grey?

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